I wrote to Mark Zuckerberg asking for Net Neutrality!

Update: I think this letter has only gotten more relevant now… with the FCC planning to repeal Net Neutrality in India. Well, this letter was written with India and Facebook’s FreeBasics in Context.. But I think it’ll be relevant to any battle for Net Neutrality out there.

Yeah! I know that the storm’s gone and the dust’s settled on Free Basics, Facebook’s ambitious program in India to provide Free Internet Services! But the issue is far from over! And one look at 16-year-old Likhitha Chintareddy’s (aka Me) letter to Mark Zuckerberg is a proof of the fact that efforts of Digital Colonization will continue!

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They have no roads, no electricity, no hospitals here. In a few years, they will run out of water… — Rest Of My Family

They speak of humanity. But they have none… “Yes, they sold their girls. It was a huge racket. Everyone from the doctor, nurse and ward boy was involved. Orphans were supplied to childless couples in major cities. Some of them were sold,” said a man in his thirties, one afternoon in Chikkalingadalli forest. “Many were […]

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Non-Fiction Throwback Thursday – The Good Immigrant – (Edited by) Nikesh Shukla @unbounders #NonFictionNovember — Always Trust In Books

Welcome to my Non Fiction edition of Throwback Thursday. The Good Immigrant is such a groundbreaking and relevant read and I felt I should share my review from last year with everyone as part of Non Fiction November. The Good Immigrant is a collection of essays written by British writers, comedians, actors and teachers who are judged […]

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Book Review: Roots by Alex Haley

I’d read this book the first time back when I was barely thirteen. I know it was quite a long time ago and this book was hardly age-appropriate. But it suited me. I forgot the details after and remembered them only when I read it again a few days ago. But what I didn’t forget were the emotions I felt when I read this book. Roots is an important part of modern African-American history. It’s a story that has to be heard. And that’s why this review.  Continue reading

My New Obsession: Maglev Trains

After Morse Code Radios (which I managed to build, btw, though its functioning is slightly faulty. But, hey! Nobody is perfect!), I’m stanning Maglev Trains. #They’resocoolIwishIlivedinShanghaisoIcanliveinoneofthosebeastsforeverhappilyeverafter. And now I sound nuts (BTW that no space sentence was deliberate on my part so that you’ll understand the intensity of this latest obsession of mine).  Continue reading

Book Review: Reconciliation by Benazir Bhutto

I return with a new Book Review, again related to Pakistan. Pardon my obsession with this nation, but it really does intrigue me with its long history of violence and relatively short history of democratic politics. And who else is better to talk about it other than a Bhutto? Yes, after Fatima I’m back with her aunt, the late Benazir Bhutto’s memoir Reconciliation addressing the one question that is in the back of the minds of almost everyone: Can Islam and Democracy ever go hand-in hand?

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I’m building a Radio for myself!!!

Okay, “building” is an exaggeration. But I’m definitely making a Radio from scratch. This is not a School Project. Rather, it’s something I’m doing to pass time during holidays. I dedicated a lot of time to learn the Morse Code last week, and I’m proud to announce that I’ve crossed the Beginner’s Level. Mind you, making a Radio is no child’s play and since I’m a high schooler, I’m taking the help of my Physics Prof to get me a Sounding Board. I went out and brought all these p-n junction diodes and transistors and yadda yadda yadda. My prof had all the terminal names printed on the Board so that makes my job a teeny bit easy. But it’s still work, though definitely not a chore because I’M LOVIN IT and can’t wait to get started for REAL!