Random Blabber: Paranormal Problems for the Normal (The Weird Relation of Korean Dramas with Rain and Power-cut )

images (2) What’s the connection between K-Dramas and Rain and Power-cuts?!


Reason: When I’m busily downloading something, a goddamn power cut will just make all my hard work into nothing but time-waste!

But unfortunately, power-cuts are something that we Asians have to put up with. It’s like we’ve got no other choice.

So, in a complete black-out, I sat back and thought of what possibly could have resulted in this power-cut. The most obvious answer would be power shortage. But my brain, which is now like a store-house of all things Korean Dramas, went bonkers and thought of something completely new.

What if… (Now, this is a complete what if) there’s a Do Min-joon somewhere close to me? Now, we’ve all watched You From Another Star (at least, I did!). We’ve all seen the way a drunk (and cute) Min-joon had extinguished all the lights in Seoul.

Drunk-Min-Joon When Min-joon decided to get drunk so as to nurse his broken heart, entire Seoul had to experience a complete blackout!

Now, if there is a Min-joon somewhere near me, what am I supposed to do? Nah, he definitely won’t be my neighbor because my neighbors happen to be two really cranky senior citizens (and Min-joon isn’t supposed to age!). So, if my Min-joon (Yeah, he’s MINE!) approaches me, I’m sure he’ll be pretty impressed because—

  1. I’m a bookworm.
  2. I’m a history buff.

So, should I pull a Chun Song-yi (aka tons of vanity) on him? No, no, don’t misunderstand me! Chun Song-yi is like one of my favorite characters ever. But since this is my Min-joon we’re talking (er, typing) about, I guess I’ll be happy pulling an Asianbolt on him.

download You From Another Star (K-Drama)

Coming to think of it, I actually really believed Kim Soo-hyun’s act as Min-joon, and at a point of time I was so delusional that all my imaginations of aliens had Kim Soo-hyun in them. Call me crazy or whatever… but YFAS really had me addicted. It bowled such an awesome googly that I was duck-out!

images Can a drunk alien get any cuter than this?! *drools*

Okay, coming back to my power-cut problem (Sheesh! I get distracted so easily!). As if adding insult to my injury, the heavens chose to open up at that very time.

I stared out of my window and started wondering who could possibly be behind this new obstacle (rains are known to increase the time of the power-cut across Asia. Yeah! Rain’s a bitch that way!).

And then I started wondering who’s crying out there! Yeah, you guessed it right! I don’t need a Gumiho coming after me any time soon. I’m quite satisfied with the monster in my home who has taken up the form of my little brother!

download (1) My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho (K-Drama)

But, Hong Sisters are really geniuses that way! I mean, who else can add such a beautiful twist (albeit paranormal) to the myth of the Gumiho (The twist is that every time a Gumiho cries, it will rain!)?! And Shin Mina as Gu Mi-ho (aka Gumiho) was pretty awesome. And Lee Seung-gi as the adorable man-child (Woong-ah!) completely rocked it in there. Adding a Paranormal twist to even rains was probably one of the best things that the Hong Sisters have ever done!

gumiho10-00054 When she cries, it rains!

But, I started wondering whether there are other possibilities too! And then I realized that someone out there may be changing their genders right now (No, not the transgender-operation sort of changing the gender!). I still feel creeped out when I see the rain. The reason: Secret Garden, thanks a lot!

238px-Secret_garden_korean_drama Secret Garden (K-Drama)

I love Secret Garden, and probably I’ll always love it! (Hehe, what’s not to love when Hyun Binnie is out there to provide some eye candy?!). But that whole we-change-genders-whenever-it-rains business creeped me out somehow. The after-effects of the change were funny, but the thing about rain… well, you know it! I loved Ha Ji-won as the tough stunt-woman Gil Ra-im. And Hyun Bin as the adorably annoying Kim Joo-won in his sparkling tracksuit really made me want to tear him off from my screen and keep him with me forever (Wow, I’m starting to sound  like a greedy wolf now! But, a girl can dream, right?!)

download (2) Binnie, can I borrow your tracksuit, please?! *puppy eyes*

My mind really started to wander and these natural calamities only increased my absurd thoughts.

I’m, after all, a simple girl who loves lives and breathes Asian dramas. And if the paranormal stuff mentioned in these dramas is really true then, well, there’s not much I can do about it.

Staring out of my window at the dark skies, I can’t help but think about how all these Paranormal incidents occurring around me is going to become the bane of my life.



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