Eye Candy (Drama & Movie Recommendations): Office Romance

Note: I decided to start a segment called ‘Eye Candy’ to help you guys decide on what to watch, because it’s so tough to watch dramas of the genres you like!

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This is pretty cool because once you look at the stats, you realize that Office Romance dramas are almost always a hit.

And not without reason, at that. Read on to pick a drama that you’ll probably fall in love with!

We have Emergency Couple, where a divorced couple find out that they’re now going to be interns in the same ER department of a hospital, and working together rekindles their romance.


Choi Jin-hyuk as Oh Chang-min and Song Ji-hyo as Baek Jin-hee really had me rooting for them. At first, I couldn’t help but hate Chang-min for his giant ego, and couldn’t help but love Jin-hee for being the classic underdog heroine. But seeing them work together as partners really made me cheer them on to kiss and make up already!

We also have Good Doctor where an autistic-but-genius paediatrician finds love in the form of a spunky and cheerful fellow doctor. While the romance wasn’t really highlighted, we did have a lot of cute and fluffy scenes between our OTP.


Joo-won as the autistic Shi-on and Moon Chae-won as Yoon-seo were cute and adorable together. I just couldn’t help but wish that they get together and that Shi-on be happy with his lady love.

And, of course, who’ll forget Healer? While Ji Chang-wook did make me swoon as the super-hot Healer, jumping from one rooftop to another, I loved him more as the adorably clueless Park Bong-soo. And his chemistry with Park Min-young as Cha Young-shin—simply daebak!


While Healer was pulling a Clark Kent on us (and on everybody else in the drama), by disguising himself under the fake ID of Bong-soo and joining the Someday Newspaper and, of course, becoming Young-shin’s hoobae or Junior, I couldn’t help but squee like a silly fangirl every single time there was ‘personal contact’ between them.

Then there were the side characters’ romance in Pinocchio that I loved. Hehe! Yoo-rae and Gyo-dong really made me squee at a point of time. They were that cute together. With Gyo-dong (Lee Pil-mo) as the sunbae/Senior and Yoo-rae (Lee Yubi) as the hoobae/Junior and her having a huge crush on Dal-po (Lee Jong-seok) our side couple did get off with an unconventional start, but then I guess that they’ll end up together anyway!


We have Just You, a Taiwanese Drama, which belongs more to this genre than any other drama because it directly deals with Office Romance. When the new CEO of a company bans Office Romance, how are his employees gonna convince him to lift the ban?


The drama is watchable (actually, it’s pretty good but fluffy) if you watch it with your mute button on. Aaron Yan as Qi Yi, the new CEO of a marketing design company called GAZE, is pretty awesome and provides the right amount of eye candy. Puff Kuo as Chen Liang Liang was too screechy and even her acting was wooden sometimes. But, in the end, if you’re a sucker for fluffiness and cute Office Romance and forced living situations (yes!), then this is the drama for you!

Similarly there’s Miss Rose, another Taiwanese drama where a forbidding financial bully Gao Cheng Kuan (Roy Qiu) slowly falls in love with his assistant Luo Si Yi (Meghan Lai). The plot, I felt, was a bit dragged out, but in the end it’s bearable and actually watchable.


We also have the Japanese drama, Rich Man Poor Woman, where a fresh college graduate girl with lots of guts, Sawaki Chihiro, locks horns with the man-child but brilliant CEO of a super-successful company called Next Innovation, Hyuga Toru. The drama did have a Korean feel to it, but then I enjoyed it a lot so that’s what matters.


There’s Zenkai Girl, where a hardworking secretary is tasked with the job of training the company’s future heir who turns out to be a prickly man-child.


When it comes to Chinese dramas, I’m a relative new-comer. So, of all of the dramas I’ve watched until now, I really liked Boss & Me. Feng Teng and Shan Shan are memorable characters and we can’t help but fall in love with them. There’s also the original novel called Come and Eat Shan Shan written by Gu Man of which the drama is an adaptation. It’s a nice drama where the head of a huge conglomerate hires a simple and naive girl who has a rare blood group, so that she can donate blood to his sister. But in the end, he falls in love with her. There’s fluffiness abound in the drama, but if you’re one to watch a drama which has no terminal illnesses or plotting stepmother and stuff like that, then this is the drama for you!


In the zone of Indian dramas (which I prefer to avoid because of their never-ending storylines), there’s the old Dil Mil Gaye a story where a group of doctors working at a hospital find love (in their peers, of course!).


But the one that really garnered a lot of attention was Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, which literally means ‘What name can I give to this love?’. While it wasn’t a mainstream Office Romance, the OTP do meet in an office and started off their love-hate relationship. Barun Sopti as Arnav Singh Raizada, and Sanaya Irani as Khushi Kumari Gupta actually made me watch their interactions. Yeah, the drama does go makjang and there are a lot of senseless twists and character developments, but if you’re the one for love-hate relationships, then you’ll probably like this one. Mind you, there about 300 episodes each of 30 minutes, so be prepared for a really lengthy dose of IPKKND!


In the movies section, there’s the Korean movie How to Seduce Mr. Perfect where Daniel Henny rocked as the English-speaking CEO who slowly falls in love with his secretary. While the CEO doesn’t believe in true love, the secretary is a firm believer but she always gets dumped for being too sincere in her efforts.

There are too many medical dramas in this list. But then, even a hospital is an office in a sense. So, don’t blame me for mixing up both for the sake of creating this list.

There are many reasons why Office Love is successful. But the main reason is that no one will understand you better than your colleague, better than someone who sees you toil hard to earn money in front of their eyes, someone who knows how much effort you put in to do what you do…


Now that you have a list, what are you waiting for?! Go grab that bag of popcorn! Happy binging, BTW!

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