OSSICLES (Music Recommendations): Bollywood Sufi Songs That You’ve Got To Listen

Indian movies have a LOT OF Sufi element in them. So it’s not much of a big surprise that there are a lot of Bollywood songs that come under the Sufi element.


So, just to help you listen to only the best of those songs, I, Asianbolt, have compiled some of my own personal favourites as well as chartbusters. Without further ado, let’s begin….

  •  Khwaja Mere Khwaja [Listen Here]
    Singers: A.R. Rahman etc.
    Movie: Jodhaa Akbar
    Now, this one’s a hardcore Sufi song with that mystique and charisma of the Sufiyan in it. Wonderfully composed and soulfully sung, the song touches the depth of our hearts and carries us away in its magical thrall…
  • Jashn E Bahara [Listen Here]
    Singer: Javed Ali
    Movie: Jodhaa Akbar
    Okay, many of you must be wondering why I’ve suggested two songs from the same movie back-to-back. But trust me, this song’s really AWESOME. It’s soulful and melodious. And it really makes you feel Zen-like calm once you hear it.
  • Mitwa [Listen Here]
    Singers: Shafqat Amanat Ali
    Movie: Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna
    There’s something really catchy and energetic about this song. It really makes me feel, you know, good. If you’re an SRK fan, then I’m sure that you’ve heard it by now.
  • Shukran Allah [Listen Here]
    Singers: Sonu Nigam
    Movie: Kurbaan
    Sonu Nigam really rocks this song. I don’t know whether I should count this as strictly Sufi, but then there were those familiar beats that seemed REALLY Sufi, so I categorized it into this genre.
  • Jiya Dhadak Dhadak [Listen Here]
    Singers: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
    Movie: Kalyug
    Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, in my opinion, is the King of the Bollywood Sufi genre. His voice is like the Sufi equivalent of liquid love. And in this song, you’ll understand why. The melancholy love of this song can’t be better expressed by any other singer.
  • Ye Tune Kya Kiya [Listen Here]
    Singers: Javed Bashir
    Movie: Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobara
    Javed Bashir has this rugged voice which really adds to the effect of this coarse love song. Another beautiful song that you’ll definitely like.
  • Murshid Khele Holi [Listen Here]
    Singers: Munawwar Masoom and Javed Ali
    Movie: D-Day
    The song’s title essentially means ‘My Spiritual Guide is playing Holi’. No, it’s not a typo. ‘Holi’ is actually a festival celebrated in India where people throw colours on each other. It’s a personal favourite of mine and I hope that you’ll like it too…
  • Teri Ore [Listen Here]
    Singers: Shreya Ghoshal & Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
    Movie: Singhh is King
    Another RFAK song, though essentially it’s Shreya Ghoshal who sings the most. I was hesitant to classify this song as a Sufi one in the beginning, but now it’s pretty clear that it is Sufi. Again, I might be wrong…
  • Chand Sifarish [Listen Here]
    Singers: Shaan & Kailash Kher
    Movie: Fanaa
    This is my MOST FAVORITE SUFI-THEMED SONG EVER. The lyrics, the tune—they’re all spot-on. There’s also something very haunting about the song, because once you listen to it, it doesn’t get out of your head.
  • Tu Jaane Na [Listen Here]
    Singers: Atif Aslam
    Movie: Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahaani
    This number is extremely pleasant to listen. And if you’re suffering from unrequited love, then the lyrics will definitely find a kindred spirit in you (or maybe vice versa, but it’s understood!) There’s an undercurrent of melancholy in the tone and it’s quite evident in the title itself, which literally means ‘You don’t know’.
  • Shah Ka Rutba [Listen Here]
    Singers: Sukhwinder Singh, Anand Raj Anand & Krishna Beura
    Movie: Agneepath
    I really don’t know whether I should call this song Sufi, because I don’t really know the difference between Qawwali and Sufi (if any of you know, then please inform me!). But still, there’s something really menacing about this song and I thought that nothing will happen if I put it under this section. So, listen to it and enjoy. We’ll worry about whether this song is Sufi or not later!
  • Isk Risk [Listen Here]
    Singers: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan & Sohail Sen
    Movie: Mere Brother Ki Dulhan
    RFAK always manages to make me feel content when I listen to his songs. And even in this song, whose title literally means ‘Love Risk’, he serenaded me with his wonderful voice. And if you’re undergoing a period of heartbreak and you want to have some introspection, then this is the song for you…
  • Kun Faaya Kun [Listen Here]
    Singers: A.R. Rahman, Mohit Chauhan, Javed Ali
    Movie: Rockstar
    This number really is like a mirror to our tortured and frustrated souls. When Ranbir Kapoor (the protagonist of the movie) asked the heavens why they are punishing him by abandoning him, I really could feel his anguish. And no, it was not his acting, it was the song which really touched my heart.
  • Sajdaa [Listen Here]
    Singers: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Shankar Mahadevan,
    Movie: My Name Is Khan
    RFAK does it again. This is another of my favourites and I love it. The beat is perfect and the tune is catchy. Shankar Ehsaan and Loy (music directors) get better and better at belting out my favourite Sufi songs. And now, I’m at the danger of turning into a diehard fan of theirs.
  • O Re Piya [Listen Here]
    Singers: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
    Movie: Aaja Nachle
    RFAK brandishes out another eternal song for music lovers. While the song rocks, you should really watch out for the video where Madhuri Dixit dances to the song. Now that’s what I call as a perfect fusion of both song and dance. No, it’s actually beyond perfect, it’s mesmerising, it’s tantalising… (Well, you get it!)

Well, that pretty much sums up my list. Don’t be surprised to find that there’s a lot of A.R. Rahman and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan around here, because they basically rule the world of Bollywood Sufi Music. If you’ve got further ideas regarding your own favourite Sufi songs, then don’t hesitate to comment and share your feelings down here! I’ll be back with more stuff related to Asia very soon. This is Asianbolt signing off. Stay tuned!

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