THUNDERBOLT (First Impression): Producers

First Impression (Part 1):


Now that the much-hyped drama from KBS Producers has premiered, I am so happy that it’s delivered. I can still feel the bitterness in my mouth when I’d first watched Heirs and was such a huge disappointment.

So, it’s natural to feel grateful to the dramagods for not dashing my hopes into nothing. While the domestic audience hasn’t really appreciated the drama, it still got top ratings, not that ratings is everything, mind you! Because if we actually took ratings into consideration, then Healer would have been a mediocre drama, which it DEFINITELY is not!

But, dear Korean viewers, you are all so lucky that actors like Kim Soo-hyun, Gong Hyo-jinIU and Cha-Tae-hyun are present on your TV screens and dish out awesome dramas for you guys to enjoy! The rest of us Asians have to keep put with online sites providing us with the dramas, and most of the time the subs are not even accurate!

Gong Hyo-jin really kills her character with her flawless acting and I couldn’t admire her more! Kim Soo-hyun came off as a bit too clumsy, but of course, in front of his cuteness, everything wrong just dissipates (dont mind the fangirl inside of me blabbering!). Cha Tae-hyun has a special place in my heart because of his Flowers For My Life days. That drama touched me like nothing has in recent years. Even in this drama, he’s awesome as usual!

Anyways, this isn’t a real First Impression post, and I know that! I just wanted to inform you all that I’ll be back with a detailed First Impression and a recap of the first two episodes soon! So, stay tuned! 🙂

Yours Sincerely,
Asianbolt (a hopeless drama addict).

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