Book Review: Fated Marriage (C-Novel) by Big Grey Wolf With Wings

Fated Marriage_Big Grey Wolf with Wings_姻缘 长翅膀的大灰狼_Seoul In Love Now

Oh man! Nowadays, I’m totally addicted to C-Novels. And when a C-Novel offers me a plot that revolves around forced living situations, how the hell am I supposed to keep away?! [WARNING: *Contains Spoilers*]

So, I found myself thoroughly enjoying Fated Marriage which is a pretty good book, all things considered.

Han Ting Ting is a cheerful and sweet girl who was once in love with Chen Yi Feng. Yi Feng is a widower with one daughter. But Ting Ting was never able to confess her love to him because her father, who’s a police officer, found out about her feelings and immediately moved from the country to the city.

Ting Ting’s grandfather was a dear friend of the great Commander Zhang, whose grandson is Qin Song. Qin Song’s the perfect rebel son who has a dysfunctional relationship with his father, Qin Yun, who’s suffering from lung cancer. Qin Song, instead of working for his father, chose to work with his five sworn brothers.

For the sake of convenience, he agrees to marry Ting Ting. They both strike an agreement that after an year, they’ll mutually divorce.

But budding feelings play spoilsport. Will their relationship survive?

I found Fated Marriage to be a light-hearted read with no major angsty moments. It’s pretty clear that the second leads are no match for the OTP and that they can’t possibly do any harm to them.

The flow of the book is continuous and every chapter has good OTP interactions.

I found Ting Ting a bit naive. The reason of the friction between Qin Song and his father is also a bit worthless: Qin Song was once in a relation with Qin Sang, whom he didn’t take that seriously until his sworn brother Li Wei Ran wooed her away from him. Then the two brothers had Qin Sang as a bone of contention between them, as she again chose Qin Song after he used some manipulation to woo her back. When Qin Yun found out about what his son had done, he banished Qin Song from his house for a while.

I found Ting Ting’s parents characters’ pretty good. Chen Yu Feng managed to surprise me when he didn’t reveal that he too is in love with Ting Ting and instead left her because he didn’t want to disturb her happiness with another man. Seriously, this guy made me happy that he didn’t contract the Second Lead Syndrome!

All in all, Fated Marriage is a book which you can read to end up in satisfaction. It’s a bit cheesy and fluffy. But once you finish reading the book, you’ll definitely find a smile on your face.

And that’s totally worth a reason to read any book.

You can read the English Translation here

3 thoughts on “Book Review: Fated Marriage (C-Novel) by Big Grey Wolf With Wings

  1. Thanks, Windox123!
    I totally loved your translations! I actually compiled them together to make a PDF of them, but that’s only for personal use. I don’t intend to do translations myself, but I would be pretty happy to write reviews! 🙂


  2. I love Tong Hua’s writing voice. Even though she’s a step-mum to most of her characters, their OEs are realistic.

    Looking forward to your reviews of other c-novels =)


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