Asian Affairs: Despondent Relatives, Silent Administration As Rescuers Battle To Right The Sunken Chinese Cruise Ship

_83423694_83410845 An aerial view shows rescue workers standing on the sunken cruise ship Eastern Star in Jianli

77 people have been confirmed dead and only 14 have been found alive in what could be the worst shipping disaster in the last 7 decades of China. Rescuers have begun operations to lift the 76.5 m long vessel, which, if not done right, will go further down the river.

Hundreds of people gathered in a public square in Jianli carrying candles and flowers to pray for those who lost their lives in the ship which was carrying 456 people on board.

The captain and the crew members are being questioned.

Beijing, on Thruday, promised an intense investigation after President Xi Jinping gathered with other top leaders to discuss the tragedy and it’s aftermath. Information about the sinking and the aftermath, as well as the media access to the site, has been strictly controlled and any public criticism of the search operation quickly doused.

Courtesy: AFP, BBC.


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