Book Review: Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run by The Mew From A Cat After A Lazy Nap


The title of this book wasn’t a great catalyst for me to read this book. But since I was getting bored, I tried this one out and finally decided that it isn’t as bad as the title suggests.

Of course, the prologue isn’t that great either, with the book opening with our hero Xiao Yi participating in a live TV dating show so that he’ll catch his fiancé. Now, now, that’s what I call as pushy, li’l boy!

Yeah, I hate it when men show their dominance by not giving the heroine a little space, yunno!

But after reading on, I found that the plot is far from what I feared it to be. At least in the ending.

Nuo Nuo is a simple and naive girl who comes from a very ordinary family. And her mother is eager to get her married off (seriously, what’s wrong with these novel-mommies? Can’t they just take a break from husband-hunting for their daughters?!). That’s one more C-Novel cliché addressed for you!

So, one fine day, the unsuspecting Nuo Nuo’s blind date turns out to be Big Boss Xiao Yi of the Owl Industries, which is a big gaming firm. In the beginning she doesn’t know that it’s him. But later on, she gets to know it.

Then, Nuo Nuo applies to Owl Industries and is shocked to see Xiao Yi there. Xiao Yi was impressed with her on their blind date because of her no-gold-digging attitude but keeps his opinion to himself and acts abrasive in front of her(another known cliché).

He also internally calls her ‘little rabbit’.

They start getting closer to each other as they work in the same office. And of course, Cupid plays his role well here making them fall in love with each other! Will two people, whose temperaments are poles opposite, be able to hold on to their relationship?

All in all, the book is okay, but as long as you read it, you’ll find it interesting.

What I like about the book is that it finally showed a heroine who rebels against the hero’s possessive nature. I mean, look, nobody likes to have their freedom restrained. In the novels, heroes do it in the name of love. They even get into a dick-waving contest with the Second male leads to show who’s superior. They don’t care about what the woman they love feels about it.

Yes, in the beginning the heroine will surely be flattered by the attention being paid on her by the hero. But there will come a time when she’ll also be tired, isn’t it?!

So why don’t the novels show that part?!

When I saw the rampant abuse of wrists in Heirs, I actually felt like kicking Tan (I like Lee Min-ho. But I don’t like the character which he played), who coincidentally won the Worst Boyfriend Ever Award in my list.

So, when BBBDR showed that even a heroine can get tired with the hero’s possessiveness, it redeemed itself in my eyes.

BBBDR is a bit cheesy. But then, while I was reading it, I found myself engrossed and I think that’s a good reaction to a book.

You can read the English Translations here


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