Book Review: Union of Enemies by Xiao Yao Hong Chen

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I’m such a sucker for Love-Hate Relationships!!! Argh! That’s how I came into contact with this book. And while I don’t love love it. I did enjoy in the time I read it. And that’s why this review.

The opening is pretty hilarious with the book taking us back to when both the protagonists are children aged five and the heroine, Gu Jing, and the hero, Zhang Leng, were neighbours. Their mothers became like sworn sisters. The book opens with Gu Jing holding Zhang Leng’s family jewels in her hand and pulling him towards their mothers. Then she asks her mother why she doesn’t one too. AWKWARD. Gu Jing honey, I actually cringed for you, you know!

Well, our Gu Jing extracts a promise from Zhang Leng that when they grow up he’ll give it only to her and no one else. Ugh, you kiddos!

Well, then we fast forward to when they grow into adults. Something went wrong in the middle, and the former BFFs turned into hardcore enemies. Zhang Leng has become a successful surgeon, while Gu Jing has transformed into a tomboyish photographer who’s pretty successful in her own way.

To keep the facade of still-in-love in front of their parents, Zhang Leng and Gu Jing live together in his house. Slowly, but surely, Gu Jing starts developing feelings for Zhang Leng. And the rest of the story deals with how the former friends who turned into enemies now metamorphose into lovers.

Well, I liked Gu Jing, because who doesn’t love a heroine who knows her martial arts? But Zhang Leng totally stole the show with his unwavering love to her! I mean, who can’t help but love a guy who made space for only one girl in his heart? And when that guy happens to be a cool nerd—ADORKABLE!!!

No, he’s not dorky, but he’s sweet that way! *giggles*

I found Gu Jing’s mom TOTALLY irritating. See, I hate it when my mom sides with someone else instead of me, so I can completely relate with Gu Jing! Especially when she’s had to live in Zhang Leng’s shadow all these years.

What I love about Union of Enemies is that there’re no Second Leads at all (Well, almost). And it’s pretty clear that the book intends to focus only on the budding feelings of our OTP. And I’m so thankful for that.

See, I hate it when any OTP realizes their love for each other because they’re dissatisfied with the second leads. It’s more like they’re choosing something because they’re not happy with the other choice. Thankfully, UOE concentrates on how the OTP develops feelings because of themselves and not because of a catalyst.

Wrapping up, UOE is a light-hearted and fun read with no major angsty moments. It’s like going through a tried and true K-Drama. And since I love clichés like Love-Hate Relationships and of course, Forced Living Situations, I’m all for the book.

You can read the English Translation here

3 thoughts on “Book Review: Union of Enemies by Xiao Yao Hong Chen

    • So true! I was dying of laughter when I saw that pic!!!
      Thanks a lot, Windox123! The link for the translations is yours. And I totally love them!
      I’ve just started this blog, and I feel there’s so much more to do! It feels good to meet other bloggers who’re experienced in all this! 🙂


      • I’ll look out for your book review recommendations for c-novels I haven’t read. My last c-novel I read was 326 chs for part 1 and 162 chs for part 2, too long to translate. The OTP in part 2 was more interesting to read, I’ll try to look for the c-novel writer’s Chinese name for you. You would enjoy it because it’s like a longer version of one of BGWWW’s c-novels.


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