THUNDERBOLT: Producers (K-Drama) Episodes 1-7 Impression


Oh my god! I love this drama SO MUCH!!! I seriously don’t think it’s humanly possible to love a drama more than this (or maybe, it’s my Kim Soo-hyun bias talking here! Hee!)

Producers is hitting the right notes for me in so many different ways. There’s humour (there’s a goddamn gold mine of humour in here!), there’s love (even a possible quadrangle!) and of course, there’s Kim Soo-hyun *squee*


The change of PDs from that of Variety to one who specializes in the Romance Dept is pretty visible, with the drama losing it’s technical sheen and gaining more bulk on the feelings side.

I love the way the Epilogues remind me of You From Another Star (I guess it also helps that the writers are the same), from the way it tells us more about what everybody’s feeling really.

The first Epilogue had me cracking up, with BAEK SEUNG-CHAN’s (Kim Soo-hyun) dad saying that now their family has three sas’ in their family, a doctor “Parksa~”, a lawyer “Eouisa~“, and a Producer ‘Produsa~’, which, if you say in the Korean dialect is the pronunciation. Trust me, I cracked up for a solid ten minutes after the Epilogue was done.


The next Epilogue which made a mark for me had also made my heart flutter. It’s one where Jang Hyuk does a cameo with Lee Chun-hee as TAK YE-JIN’s (Gong Hyo-jin) ex-boyfriends. And then they talk about how much she loves JOON-MO (Cha Tae-hyun), and it’s like everybody knows about their feelings but them.

producer03-01013 Hello, Jang Hyuk, I’ve missed you!

Personally, I feel that Cha Tae-hyun is acing his role like a true pro.


And of course, Gong Hyo-jin rocks her role too. But who can’t help but love it when Kim Soo-hyun shows us how his poker face looks?!

producer07-00403 Looks SO convincingly serious, doesn’t he?!

There’s a certain innocence about Seung-chan that makes you feel endeared to him. But right now, I’m undergoing serious Second Male Lead Syndrome (forget it, I don’t even get who the second male lead is! Both of them are SO awesome!).

producers4-00808 Heads or Tails?!


I love the dynamic between Seung-chan and Ye-jin. They’re extremely natural together and they look so cute! While I’m usually not one for noona romances, this one has all the right ingredients in the perfect proportions for me!


Even Joon-mo and Ye-jin look great together and already seem as comfortable as a family! I guess I should say hats off to Gong Hyo-hin for maintaining such a wonderful chemistry with both her co-stars!


But, yeah, I miss the inside jokes on Variety life and the way that world functions. I loved the way they showed it, because I didn’t know that so much of effort is put into a single episode!

Joon-mo is also very cute. But he possibly can’t beat Seung-chan when it comes to being ADORKABLE! Seung-chan makes me believe in him. His innocent large eyes, his earnestness—goodness, I’m sounding like a girl with a serious crush!

 Boy, you’re killing me with that earnest face of yours! (Hmm, sounds good! Should I write a song about that?!)

Cindy hasn’t really made that much of an impression on me, but I think that’s mainly because her character doesn’t appeal to me.

producers1-00340 That’s exactly how I feel when you come on screen!

We’ve had a lot of dramas showcasing idol-life and their loneliness, so her character just seems like something that I’ve already seen. But I like the way the show highlights her budding feelings for Seung-chan.

What seems like a very ordinary gesture for him, is a huge romantic one for her. Ah, puppy love!

We’ve had two kisses so far. In the very second episode, Ye-jin and Joon-mo locked lips in a drunken state, and that left me thinking that it’s a pretty fast move, yunno!


And in Episode 7, Cindy took the initiative to peck Seung-chan. And while I felt good for the girl who’s probably dying of happiness, it just felt wrong that she took advantage of him (Nah, don’t mind me, this is just me Soohyun-fanspeaking!).


We’ve had some stellar cameos in very meaningful roles. They add to the glitz of the show without making it too sparkly and unrealistic.

The charater interpretation by the actors is spot-on. I especially love the way Gong Hyo-jin has portrayed Ye-jin, putting on a tough facade to hide the insecurities within.


Cha Tae-hyun has also done a great job with Joon-mo, as he switches from the hilarious PD to the clueless-boy-in-love-with-Yejin.


And Kim Soo-hyun… well, after reading the entire post, you must have already understood that once I start talking about him, there may not be an end at all. So, all I can say is that he’s making it very difficult for me to keep a straight face throughout the drama.

producer05-00677 All in all, Producers is a show which is currently topping my heart when compared to all the other dramas that are airing right now.


But I guess, I shouldn’t even compare, because Producers’s level is a light year above from all of them!

Zero competition.


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