ASIAN AFFAIRS: Indian Movie ‘PK’ Breaks Records In China, Collects 100 Million Yuan.


Whoa! This was totally unexpected!

The Movie ‘PK’ which was the top grosser of the Indian Box Office ever, collected 100 million Yuan in it’s dubbed Chinese version in China. The movie has set a record and has opened to positive reviews in China.

The story revolves around an alien (I was having a serious flashback of You From Another Star, but thankfully the movie is VERY different from that!) who comes down to Earth only to see people blindly following godmen and religious preachers and superstitions.

The film stars Aamir KhanAnushka Sharma, Sanjay Dutt and Boman Irani. This isn’t the first time an Aamir Khan film has made a record in China, with his film 3 Idiots having become the top Indian movie with a huge box office collections in China.

In my opinion, the movie is quite alright to watch for it’s message, though it did become a huge controversy in India.


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