Random Blabber: Are Asians The Kings/Queens Of Bargaining?!

Beijing During The Olympic Games

Question Of The Day: Are Asians unbeatable when it comes to bargaining?!

Well, lots of people are saying so. And I believe that it’s mostly true.

Asians LOVE to bargain hunt. Man, I SO love flea markets. I actually love anything that comes for free, but never mind that! Anyways, I’m talking about all this mainly because of my SMALL observation when I was hunting for an iPod Nano online.

What would be the easiest way to buy an iPod online? Just Google it and then click on the top search result. Right?!

That’s what I was gonna do! But curiosity got better of me, and I started clicking other results also. And man, I found so MANY sites selling the same iPod for different prices.

And the result was that I bought an iPod which is worth almost USD 180 (approx.) for a much lower amount of USD 145 (approx.). And it’s a brand new one at that!

So, my point is that, why do Asians love bargaining so much?! Well, I guess it’s maybe because we’ve always loved to get something for a price lower than it’s C.P. Since I’m not an Economist, I won’t talk much about that. And since this is Random Blabber, this is just one of my many idle thoughts.

Whatever it may be, my friend from the online shopping mecca Hong Kong also made it very clear that she and her friends love browsing through the web to get the best discount. Well, all I remember from my experience of online shopping is that though I don’t want for money, I get this strange sense of SUPER satisfaction when I nail a cheap deal for something expensive.

I don”t think I’ll ever forget Geum Jan-di from Boys Over Flowers hunting for clothes with her mom in the Sale of the Supermarkets.

vlcsnap-2015-06-08-19h38m33s179 Hehe! I totally get that glint in my eyes when I hear ‘Sale’!

What about you?! You love bargaining too?!


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