Book Review: Peach Passion by Angel


If you’re the one for a novel which has romance-then-breakup-then-reunion, then Peach Passion is the one for you. No, I’m not being sarcastic. I’m just specifying the genre which seems to be favorite of many readers.

I don’t have much to say about the book as it is short (and um… sweet?!). Not much emphasis has been given to lyrical quality as the writing is simple.

Liu Xiang Ti is a successful career woman who meets Han Zheng Leng while on a business trip. Unfortunately, she thinks that he’s just stalking her and so, she confronts him. Turns out he’s her new neighbor and all the occasions in which they met are coincidences. But now, he’s intrigued by her. He’s actually a top Secretary at Stars Technologies. So, when she requires his help, he agrees on one condition: she has to date him.

They start getting closer to each other, but their respective pasts come in between.

Xiang Ti’s father was very abusive and had abandoned her and her mother. And Zheng Leng is actually the son of the Chairman of Stars Technologies who’d abandoned him in an orphanage when he was a newborn baby. However, he later gets to know that because the Chairman herself tells him when she’s drunk. He’s very hurt by the truth but he decides to remain silent so that she can come out when she’s sober. However, she completely forgets about it.

As if shitty pasts aren’t enough, more drama arrives in the form of the bitchy Second Female Lead (of course, I was wondering why this cliche hasn’t arrived yet!) Zhou Min Jing. This girl actually takes bitchiness to the next level when she teams up with Zhen Leng’s rival to reveal his birth secret because he’s refused her.

And also, when Xang Ti gets pregnant, she doesn’t want the child in the beginning while he desperately wants it. Differences crop up and when she accidentally (I’m being totally literal, here!) suffers miscarraige, he assumes the worst.

Will their love take them past the rough patch that they’ve hit, or will they separate?

All I can say is that the book is more like a mini-drama. I mean, there are birth secrets, bitchy second leads, coincidental meetings, love-hate relationships… It’s an entire package out here!

Well, this is a book which you can definitely read if you like the above mentioned cliches!

As far as I’m concerned, it was a one-time read for me. But even in that one time, I’d found myself enjoying. I guess one’d call that Instant Gratification!

You can read the English Translations here 


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