Random Blabber: Spiciness Is The Synonym Of Asia

img_0565 Question Of The Day: Why Are Asians So Crazy About Their Spicy Food?!

I still remember that day back in history class, when my teacher told that there were many reasons why the Europeans had invaded Asian countries. But the main reason remains to be spices.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I remember that after Constantinople (I think it’s now called Istanbul), which was the connecting link between Asia and Europe, was captured by the Turkish King, the pathway was sealed. And that led Vasco Da Gama to the find of the sea route to India, which is the Spice Hub of Asia.

dagamamap Show-And-Learn: The Sea Route To India By Vasco Da Gama

Now, why am I blabbering about sea routes and spices?!

I was re-watching the Korean Drama You’re Beautiful when I saw a scene which made me stop in my tracks (well, not literally!). So, coming back to my point, in the drama, Go Min-yeo is a girl who dresses up like a boy to impersonate her identical twin brother who’s a singer and is a part of a band called A.N.JELL. So, under some circumstances, she’s hurt by the band leader Tae-kwang‘s behavior and cries in a secluded area.


So, another member of the band who thinks that she’s a boy, Jeremy, offers to let her cry. Then, he takes her to an Indian restaurant to eat some spicy food.

minam8-00034 (1) Ideas On How To Cry Without Crying: Eat Spicy Food

Well, that brings tears to her eyes, so she finds a way to cry without being embarrassed. And this one of the reasons why the Second Lead never gets the girl.

Okay, I’m really getting distracted now! So, I’ll come back to my point again.

It’s true that Asian cuisines are full of spiciness, and let me say that Asian cuisine’s got to be the best in the world (Na, I’m not bragging!). But the main reason is the wonderful interplay of the red color and the flavor of the food.

cheon-song-yi-eats-frid-chicken-scene Who doesn’t love to munch down their sadness or heartbreak with some Fried Chicken or Hot Wings?! Do It The Chun Song-yi Way!

Spices are not just used for the flavor they add. It’s also because they work as visual enhancers. The aroma which wafts out of the food after a dash of red Chilli powder (made from dried red peppers which are then powdered) is added to it is enough to make our mouths water.

buldak Buldak (Korean Chicken Dish)

I remember that one time, when I ate a ghost pepper which came with a dish I’d ordered in an Asian Restaurant near my place… painful to remember and to describe. It was that… intense.


Red Peppers (or “chillies”, as they’re often referred to as in Asia) are probably the most extensively used ingredients in the world cuisine, regardless of which form it used in. Never mind the fact that too much of spicy food can lead to stomach ulcers and acidity!

phall-curry-originalArm Yourself With A Bucket Of Water When You Eat This, Guys! Phall Curry Is One Of The 5 Most Spiciest Curries Of Indian Cuisine, And That’s Saying A Lot!!! 

But, once you get used to the taste of spicy food, you can never go back to eating bland food! At least, in my case, I knew without trying that it’s useless to try to revert to bland food. Man, nowadays I’m not even able to have Pizza if there’s no seasoning in it! What does that say about me?!

picQeiDTT Well, Actually, I Use A Hell Lot More Seasoning Than That!

Whatever it may be, food without spice is tasteless. And probably, life without a little bit of spice is boring!

maxresdefault That Chicken 65 Is MINE!

Now, after talking about spicy food for this long, I think I’d better run and grab some myself!

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