The Cult’s Activities For This Week #1

I’m so sorry for the hiatus, guys! But real world demands aren’t cooperating with my online desires, so I’m stuck at this impasse where I totally want to do something but am not able to make sufficient time for it. But, I’ll do my best in trying to get the best of Asia to you!

So, what am I gonna do this week?!

1. Join Sina Weibo.
I’ve been thinking about it since a long time, so I decided that it’s time to join the Weibo on behalf of my blog! Once I do that, I’ll immediately update you guys on this.

2. Write a Series Review on Producers
Now that this much-hyped drama is done, I guess I can peacefully write my opinion on it. I’ve already written an impression on the first 7 episodes. So, I’ll catch up with the rest soon. But I’m not guaranteeing anything.

3. Translate Analects of Confucius.
The response has been huge, guys! I’m extremely thankful to you all for this. I consider this book very holy, and am trying my best in updating the translations as much as possible. You can expect the BOOK II to be done by this week.

4. Write a Book Review on Really Miss You.
I’ve just finished reading RMY, so I though “Why not write a review?!” Wow! I’m becoming a serious reviewer now! Anyways, I promise that this one will definitely roll out this week.

5. Drama Recommendation on Love-Hate Relationships.
This one’s been on my mind for a long time, so I want to bring it out. This genre is pretty interesting, because there’s such a huge gold mine in here! So, it’ll take li’l time, so please bear with me.

6. Last, but not the least, Random Blabber!
Of course, this blog wouldn’t sound sane if I didn’t have an outlet to let off the steam in my head! I have something fun in my head about iPods and K-Dramas, so hopefully this post will see the light of the day this week!

With the work-load I have right now, I may not fulfill all my promises! But blogging is a guilty pleasure of mine! And I ALWAYS indulge myself! So, I hope that you have a happy week ahead and also that wish you the same for me!!!

🙂 (Because a smile is the best way to start a week!)

Yours Sincerely,


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