Book Review: Really, Really Miss You by Mo Bao Fei Bao


I read this one a long time ago. And I TOTALLY loved it. I mean, who doesn’t love a book where there are no bitchy second leads, no terrible cliches and only a sweet plot on which you can totally rely upon to keep it’s pace?!

This book is like the inspiration for one of my Random Blabber posts, though I’m pretty sure that I haven’t done a job half as good as our male protagonist did in describing food.

Really, Really Miss You is one of those rare C-Novels where you don’t get the chance to get into a full-on shipping war. And, whew! That saves SO MUCH of energy and time (never mind the internet bill which is also directly proportional to the amount of time I spend on a forum fighting against someone I’m shipping!)

Gu Sheng is our heroine, who isn’t the naive type. She’s strong, independent and loves food (and I totally love her for that,. I have this unfair bias when it comes to foodie heroines who eat without being concerned about weight gain!). She has a good friend in Geng Xiaoxing. Gu Sheng is a University student who has a part-time job of working as a Recording Artiste, and sometimes as a music compiler.

She idolizes the legendary Recording Artiste popularly called Toupai Da Ren as his voice is amazing. It is also generally believed that Toupai is handsome and very young. But he’s now going to retire from the online world of recording. Unexpectedly, one day, as Gu Sheng is chatting with Geng Xiaoxing, Toupai comes into their Chat Room and starts chatting with Gu Sheng. She’s thoroughly surprised that he actually chatted with her, a small Recording Artiste.

Friendship starts, which soon grows into love. But will two people, who fell in love with each other through their voices, manage to be together despite all odds?

I find this book totally different from other books because of the refreshing characters. For once, there’re no Second Leads. Even the hero is pretty quick when it comes to courtship. There’s no Noble Idiocy routine. The heroine is perceptive, though I found her a bit dense in the beginning.

The central theme which knits the plot together is FOOD!!! I know! The recipes described made my mouth water, and I can bet my buttons that you’ll find yourself salivating too! I find it ingenious that the love for food can bring two people together, myself being a foodie and not having found a kindred spirit who loves both food and books (and science, of course)!.

But I also found the food thing a bit similar to an Indian Movie which I’d watched not long ago, called Daawat-E-Ishq.

And when it comes to these two people with their amazing voices and love for food, there’s no holding back.

You can read the English Translations by Fanatical here.

P.S. I’m terribly sorry for not being quick on the update, guys! As I told before, real life situation is totally taking up my time! Well, I’ll do whatever I can to get back quickly!


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