Random Blabber: Second Leads Who Made Us Cry Buckets

tumblr_n9l6yri5Xf1qj7wgmo1_500I’m suffering from serious Second Lead syndrome ever since I started watching The Producers. Goddamn! Does every episode of that showr I sho have to be heart-wrenching and hopeful at the same time time?! I was SO confused on whetheuld ship Seung-chan with Ye-jin or Cindy. Okay, I’ll come back to my point! Well, the title of this post is literally literal, because I’m now going to type ahead about those Second Leads who really made me wish that they ended up with the guy/girl they loved…

1o. Kim Hyun-joong as Yoon Ji-hoo (Boys Over Flowers) kkot15-022 Before any of the Ji-hoo Oppa fans come running to kill me, let me say that he isn’t ranked high because he’s him, but because of his, um… I really don’t know how to put it, so, I’ll say it like this: terrible acting. Personally, I don’t even feel that he deserves this spot *cowers under the desk* but since the Jan-di/Ji-hoo pairing had such a cult following, I feel that perhaps he ought to be in this list. Putting aside his wooden acting, Ji-hoo, as a character, didn’t have much to offer except a shoulder for Geum-Jan-di (Gu Hye-sun) to cry on (or) lean on. But then, I guess those are the designations of every Second Male Lead, so, we’ll move on quickly.

9. Ok Taecyeon as Jin-gook (Dream High) dh3-00311 Yes! This boy made me a bit confused on whether I should choose him over Sam-dong (Kim Soo-hyun), though, of course, my personal bias for Soo-hyun quickly put me back on the right track! Oh, the blasphemy that I wavered from Soo-hyun Oppa…! *shudders* Anyways, it isn’t like this boy didn’t affect me either! He was steadfast in his love for Hyemi (Suzy), his character had depth with his dysfunctional relationship with his father. And his choosing dance as a way to get away from all the burdens in his life is something that struck a chord with me! Never mind the fact that I have a sympathetic fetish for tortured young idol characters! Well, that’s the reason Jin-gook found his place on my list!

8. Kim Ji-hoon as Oh Jin-rak (Flower Boy Next Door) neighbor16-00366 Now, this boy was one of the most disappointed characters in dramaland, when he lost his girl to his ultimate rival. I loved the way he was always there for Go Dok-mi (Park Shin-hye) who spent half her life locked up in that small apartment of hers. I like to think that he’s always loved her in spite of her elusiveness and her meagerness. He’s truly known her and loves her! So, why did that upstart Enrique (Yoon Shi-yoon) come and waltzed her away from him?! (Now, I’m talking from Jin-rak’s point of view!). I could totally feel Jin-rak’s heart-break as the love of his life found her own love in someone else who’s not him! 7. Jung Jin-woon as Han Yeo-reum (Marriage Not Dating) marriage02-00324 His heartbreak’s got to be the rawest of ’em all! He had to endure his girl acting as the fiancee of some other idiot (Ki-tae played by Yeon Woo-jin. Actually Ki-tae isn’t really an idiot, but he is from Yeo-reum’s point of view). He had to watch her get abused by Ki-tae’s family members, and then watch her slowly fall in love with Ki-tae! Ouch! But, before Joo Jang-mi (Han Groo) fell in love with Ki-tae, Yeo-reum was the most considerate boyfriend of the dramaland, agreeing to let her continue her charade of playing Ki-tae’s fiancee even though he was uncomfortable by it all! Now, Yeo-reum, don’t worry, I’m pretty sure that you’ll find someone good enough for you soon!

6. Hoya as Kang Joon-hee (Answer Me 1997) tumblr_mppd05fGGI1rz6vvqo1_500 Remember the boy who had the most adorable and heartbreaking boy-crush EVER! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I present Kang Joon-hee to you! This guy made me love him so much that you’ve TOTALLY got no idea whatsoever! His steadfastness in his love for Yoon-jae (Seo In-gook) was probably the best bromance ever! 881 The way he followed Yoon-jae to the military and then gave up when he didn’t get selected; the way they became roomies; the way he confessed his love to Yoon-jae in a light-hearted way, only for his confession to be taken as a joke! God, how can this boy be so… adorkable! Joon-hee-ya, don’t worry! I’m still shipping you with Yoon-jae!

5. Ji-soo as Go Bok-dong (Angry Mom) angrymom9-00181 Oh, this guy! Man, he actually deserves to be in one of the topmost places of this list. But, I’m acting like a step-mum right now, so forgive me please! This guy is probably the biggest break-out star of 2015 and has single-handedly occupied our T.V Screens and made us cry and laugh along with him. Be it his teary background story or the way he survived all alone in an abusive environment, he always made us all root for him. And his unrequited noona love for Kim Hee-sun… Oh, dude! Just kill me, will you?! Omgaaahhh! Why the hell do you have to be so…tragic all the way?! *sniffles* Dude, you cut my heart into little pieces, yunno! This year thoroughly belongs to Ji-soo as the guy who made the viewers fall in love with ALL of him!

4. Ji-sung as Shin Se-gi (Kill Me, Heal Me) kmhm05-00001 YESSSSS!!!! Is it count that though the same personality didn’t get the girl, the same body got the girl?! In my book, it’s not! And that’s why Se-gi found a place on my list! Se-gi, you made me cry a LOT. Period. I think I loved Se-gi loving Oh Ri-jin (Hwang Jung-geum) because she was the reason why this personality came out. She brought out the need for him to protect others. She represents the happiest moments of his traumatic past. She’s the reason why he’s survived all along. It doesn’t mean that I have something against Cha Do-hyun (also played by Ji-sung), but I found the love between Se-gi and Ri-jin to be more poignant. And when Se-gi says his goodbye… well, the title of this post says it for me! *erupts in wails* 3. Ji-sung as Yona (Kill Me Heal Me) yona Okay, let me compose myself now! Yona made me laugh a LOT. And then made me cry a LOT. Did any guy do the idol-loving crazy fangirl role this well before?! Standing ovation to Ji-sung who’s dared to risk it!!! He’s totally proved it right that those who take risks are the ones who reap the benefits! tumblr_inline_nl5ugrXxFq1rwvaay And of course, I don’t think I’ll ever forget Yona’s HUGE and MONUMENTAL crush on Oh Ri-on (Park Seo-joon), who also happens to be our hero’s brother!!! Hehe, that was fun! Yona even gets to kiss her crush!!!

B-Iied1CIAEfx2P No, this isn’t a troll! It actually happened!

Oh man, I totally miss this show and all of Ji-sing’s Seven Personalities! kmhm13-00001a And Yona, Unni here hasn’t forgotten you! I Miss You! RIP.

3. Kim Soo-hyun as Baek Seung-chan (Producers) 14294865831327_0 I never thought I’d see a day when Kim Soo-hyun would get rejected! And here it is! Ye-jin (Gong Hyo-jin) broke my heart into microscopic pieces when she told him that she doesn’t love the earnest him. WHYYYYY?????!!!!! Omgaaahhhh!!! %&#*%&&. And the way his face just… crumpled! Gahhhh! It’s gonna set me off again! *wails* Okay, calm down! Deep breath! Asianbolt, you’ve got to get through with this post now! *sigh* Well I’m ready now! *somber* producer11-00782 I loved Seung-chan with all of my heart, as I already told you before. I loved his earnestness, his faithfulness, and most of all, his belief that he and Ye-jin are fated to be! But, he already has an idol waiting for him (Cindy, played by IU), so probably his heart won’t be broken for long! Seung-chan, I love you! 2. Yoo Yeon-seok as Chilbongie (Answer Me 1994)


Of course, no Awesome Second Lead List is gonna be complete without a mention of Chilbongie! He single-handedly set off one of the biggest Shipping Wars of Korean Dramaland History (in which, I admit to having taken part). Even now I don’t understand why Na-jung (Go Ara) didn’t choose him over Garbage Oppa. N03JnLu I loved Chilbongie for his sweet earnestness which even Kim Soo-hyun couldn’t really emulate in Producers. His love for Na-jung which really broke my heart, and I’m still unable to digest the fact that the Mr. Perfect didn’t get his girl! Gah, why is the world so cruel! Or, to be more precise, why is the Dramaland so cruel to its Second Leads?! They deserve a shot at happiness too, yunno! Chilbongie would have probably stayed on top of my list, had a new entrant not come in just a week ago and made me cry not just buckets, but rivers! Okay, the time has come to reveal the Best Second Lead Who Made Me Cry The Most. And it is……


1. Yook Sung-jae as Gong Tae-gwang (Who Are You School 2015)

Life is full of Pits. But we believe its like Brad Pitt. maxresdefault My Poor Tortured Puppy, I cried along with you, yunno! Tae-gwang-ah, don’t… just don’t be heartbroken anymore! I feel so much for… you! *breaks down* Eun-bi (Kim So-hyun) is the loser here. Not you. She chose a guy who’s boring, over someone who could actually add spice to her life. She’s gotta be totally blind for ignoring the Best Crush Of The Year. Tae-gwang, you still have all of your fans, don’t worry, ah!tumblr_npieq8QAsU1usxi90o1_500 Okay, I’ll come back to you all now! I’ve been hosting a pity party will all of my fellow Eun-bi/Tae-gwang Shippers ever since School 2015 ended it’s shitty last Episode. And Eun-bi actually chose the dull Yi-an (Nam Joo-hyuk) over the earnest puppy Tae-gwang *facepalm* *headdesk* School13-00175 Why the hell is it that all the earnest men in the Dramaland only end up with nothing but heartbreak?! Why, oh Dramagods?! WHYYY!!! @#($&(@&(*^&(%*&$##…….. school06-00030 Can anyone beat Tae-gwang when it comes to Tragedy: Dad in jail, Mom married someone else, the Love of his Life loves someone other than him, No friends… Damn! Let me wipe the angry tears off my face! *wipes* Eun-bi, you can’t be more thick-headed than this! How the hell can you ignore someone who loves you truly and deeply and since the very beginning?! HOW?!!!!!!! 2_1 Tae-gwang, Your Dongsaeng Asianbolt is there for you to lean your shoulder on! You can ALWAYS come to my Cult here! Tae-gwang-ah, Me and My Loyal Cult Members always keep our doors open to you! And did I tell you that I love Arcade Games, too?! School07-00074 Well, that’s it for this list. There are many more Second Leads who are pretty awesome in their own way, but these are extremely special to me. You can also read my post on Bitchy Second Leads here. Once again, thank you for reading, guys!


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