OSSICLES: The Two Songs That Have A Cult Fan Following In Asia


While one of the songs is something that most of you have already guessed will be on this list, the other one is a song similarly familiar but you may not have expected it. Read on to find out what are the two songs that have resounded in the ears on most Asian people.

1. Gangnam Style by PSY

Ah! This one is pretty obvious! It would probably be blasphemy if I wouldn’t have included this number on this small list. It’s been almost three years since this song was released, and the number of records it has broken as well as created are uncountable. Peppy and catchy, this song will make you groove and I swear, you’ll always remember the horse dance. Hehe, my little brother still has the video which he had secretly taped while I was dancing like a lunatic in front of my mirror! *cringe*

Gangnam Style’s success was mainly contributed by the Social Media’s buzz around it’s MV. The quirky dance moves by PSY were pretty hilarious, but it also made us all want to imitate him. The lyrics were racy but catchy. And of course, this was also aided by the fact that the video became the first to reach the 1 billion milestone.

Whatever it may be, Gangnam Style has fast-forwarded the spread of the Korean Wave and perhaps, will always remain to be song with a cult following in Asia.

And the next song on this list is……..

2. Kolaveri Di by Dhanush

“Why This Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Di?” Suffering from heart-break? Then this may be the song for you

Man, I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of the Kolaveri Fever that I’d contracted back in 2011. With the lyrics in Tinglish- a slang mix of Tamil and English, Kolaveri Di quickly became a rage on Youtube and soon there were flash mob performances almost everywhere. I think that the reason why everybody fell in love with this song is the rugged native beat and tune, and of course the lyrics which mock break-up with it’s butler English.

For Example, “God I am dying now. She is happy how?” and “Hand-la Glass. Glass-la Scotch. Eyes full of tears. Empty life. Girl come. Life reverse-gear.”

It’s a laugh riot as well as a sad song, as it’s sung in a drunk voice. Dhanush, who sang the song, did total justice to it. And I highly recommend you guys to listen to this song.

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