On The Cult’s To-Do List This Week #2

I’m being very ambitious indeed, by typing down such a long list even as time isn’t cooperating with me. But still, I have my Watch List, Reading List and more stuff like that. Hope that you might be interested in them too!

Watch List:

  1. Scholar Who Walks The Night (K-Drama)
    Ooh! I like this one a lot! Never mind my Lee Jun-ki bias when it comes to fantasy-history genre. I might write an impression on this one, so I won’t talk too much about it. All I can say is that I loved the opening two episodes and I’m gonna catch up with it next week.
  1. Oh My Ghostess (K-Drama)
    I haven’t watched this drama’s first two episodes yet. But I heard positive reviews on it. So, you can count on me to check it out.
  2. Hidden Identity (K-Drama)
    initially, I was watching it only for Kim Bum’s sake, coz I’m not a big one for revenge-melo stuff. But I sorta liked the dark vibe coming off it. I didn’t find time to catch up with the latest episodes of this drama, but hopefully, this week, I’ll be able to do it!
  3. Baahubali (Indian Movie)
    How the hell can you expect me to stay away from a movie that has been made with a gigantic budget that is almost equal to that of a Hollywood movie, and is also touted to be one of the best ever made in the history of Indian cinema?! I’ve heard a LOT on this one thanks to the social media’s constant buzzing! I also heard that the VFX are wonderful! But I’m yet to watch it as it’s not available for streaming online! Once I do watch it, you can count on me for a review.

Reading List:

  1. Husband Be A Gentleman (C-Novel)
    I was reading the Chinese version of this novel online, but I found Trungtnguyen’s translations to be more interesting. So, I suggest you all to check out her translations. However, I heard that she’s currently on a hiatus. So I can only hope for all our sakes that she isn’t!
  2. Wedding Night Late Ten Years (C-Novel)
    I have no idea why, but the couple-separated-out-of-misunderstanding-then-reunited kind of genre is something I eat up without hesitation. I tried reading the Chinese version, but found it to be too… poetic. Thankfully, I can rely on Trungtnguyen for the translations. It’s a pretty short book consisting of only ten chapters and about seven chapters have been translated fully.
  3. Wipe Clean After Eating (C-Novel)
    Fanatical has promised that they’ll complete the translation of this book pretty soon. Besides, there’re only two chapters left to go. I’m not a big fan of this one, but it’s a light read.
  4. Swami And Friends (Indian Novel)
    Ooh! I like! This is so wonderful, so funny, and SO nostalgic! It’s written in English itself, but is based in a small village in India and revolves around the life of a mischievous young boy called Swami. It’s a masterpiece and I have the paperback version of this book. If it’s possible, I’ll try to recap scenes of this book, BUT, I’m not promising ANYTHING.


  1. Joining Sina Weibo
    I know, I know! This was on my list few weeks back too! But I was too lazy to do it. But I guess I’ll probably try it out tomorrow?
  2. Changing the Blog Theme
    I love experimenting with new themes a lot. I love customizing and changing the look and feel of my blog until I find the right soul-theme-mate. So don’t mind the constant metamorphosis of my blog this week!
  3. Add a new Header
    I feel it’s high time a new header joined the current ranks. So I’ll do that soon.

‘kay! That’s it for this Week. Until the next week then! Thank you and have a great week!


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