Playing With Innocence: Prologue 3


This is the last Prologue of this book that I’ll be releasing. Then we’ll plunge straight into the depths of this wonderful plot. At last, we get to meet the much-discussed female protagonist—Jia. However, instead of answering even a single of our previous questions, this Prologue only raises new ones. Read on to find out more about the ticking time-bomb that is Jia.

Prologue 3: The Beginning Of The End.

District 6, Singapore.

The alarm clock rang shrilly in the bedroom. Lee Jia groaned as she snoozed it and went back to sleep.

“Jia!  Jia, wake up!” shouted a voice.

“Mom, please!” she groaned, as her mother pulled away her Afghan. Regardless, she slept on, huddling up against herself as a protective measure from the chill. Somebody (to be more precise, her mother) had turned off the heater.

After a few minutes of fitful half-sleep, Lee Jia woke to ice-cold water splashing on her face.

“Oy, Sleeping Beauty! Do you think that the plane will wait for you? Wake up now!”

Her mother stalked off from the room.   Jia made a face and slowly stood up, almost tripping over her own feet. Her cottony comfort Tee had been ruined, thanks to her mother’s chilled water treatment.

She dazedly made her way to the bathroom. When she emerged after half-an-hour, she looked sparkly clean.

She put on a camouflage jacket over a black tank top and pulled on a pair of brown trousers. Her small elfin face looked pale, as she pulled her short brown-black hair into a ponytail. She touched the ring which had a red-and-gold Phoenix engraved on it, for reassurance that everything will be alright. She put on her leather hunting boots, and walked out to the hall.

Her mother, Lee Jina, was setting up breakfast on the kitchen island. She was an elegant brunette, with sea-green eyes and delicate features. She was everything that  Jia wasn’t.

“Morning, mom!” grumbled Jia.

Good Morning, Jia!” called back Jina, “Are you packed?”

“Yup!” replied  Jia. She settled herself on the small dining table, and started eating strawberries directly from the bowl which was labeled ‘Jina’.

Jina walked over to the table with a huge tray laden with pancakes, French toasts, sandwiches, bacons, sandwiches and three different varieties of jams and spreads.

She narrowed her eyes at Jia, who guiltily stopped mid-process of chewing strawberries. “Sorry!” she tried to tell contritely, with her mouth full of strawberries. Jina rolled her eyes and settled down on a chair.

Jia reached forward to read the letter which she had read oh-so-many-times. The white-gold letterhead was an acceptance letter from The Seoul School of Computer Sciences.

A dark shadow crossed Jina’s stunning face, when her eyes landed on the letter.  Jia noticed that.

“Mom, are you still not happy that I’m leaving?” she asked Jina.

Jina shook her head unconvincingly.

“Then fine. I won’t leave,” declared  Jia.

Jina looked up at her daughter, surprised. “No, Jia. It’s not that. You could have joined a school in Singapore, if you wanted to. Why go to Seoul? Why go so far away from me?”

“Mom, mom! We will be living in the same South East Asia! What are you worried about? It’s not that I don’t love our Spinster Pad. I love this place. I love Singapore. After all, which Singaporean doesn’t? I just want to get a life, mom! That’s all!” she said.

“I can’t convince you, can I?” asked Jina, sounding defeated.

“Nope! But you can force me if you want to,” offered  Jia.

“I don’t want to do that,” protested Jina, “Remember, baby, that I love you and I will miss you!”

“Me too, mom,” replied  Jia, reaching forward to squeeze her mother’s hand. Her mother smiled back and started serving breakfast.

Jia rubbed her hands, smiling contagiously, and murmured, “Bon Appétit!”

Jina took out two glasses and poured Diet Coke in both of them.

“To Seoul!” toasted Jia, giddy with excitement.

“To Seoul,” agreed Jina, smiling reluctantly.

“To South Korea!”

“To South Korea.”

“To a new life!”

“To a new…life.”



All that you need to know about our female protagonist right now is that she’s witty, intelligent, mischievous and a tomboy. She isn’t like the common C-Novel heroine, but is actually very open about what she wants to do. More than that, she’s strong in a very vulnerable way, and that makes us love her even more. She’s going to Seoul to take pursue an Undergrad Course in Ethical Hacking.

But it’s her mother, Jina, who’s more enigmatic in my opinion. She’s a strong woman, who brought up her daughter as a single mother. There’s a huge back-story which many of you will surely find touching.

As for the Location of this Prologue, it’s the District 6 of Singapore, which is one of the most Expensive Residential Areas over there. This is an indicator that Jina isn’t any ordinary person, who’s bringing up her daughter all alone, in the lap of luxury.

More mysteries to crack about this enigmatic daughter-mother duo.

I’ll probably post the First Chapter today evening. So, have a good day!

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