Playing With Innocence: Chapter 3 Part I


So, what happens after two of our three leads meet? In the previous chapter, we got to know one of our leads’ names. And now, we find a twist in the plot, which I’m sure most girls out there will love! So, What Is It….?! Hehe! I won’t play spoilsport and reveal it right now! Read this yourself to know what it is!

Chapter 3 (Part I): Saving Grace.

Jia walked out of the Incheon Airport in high spirits. Joon had turned out to be a great listener. And she had found herself telling him about how hard she had worked to get into The Seoul School of Computer Sciences.

She bade Joon goodbye near the Conveyor Belt, and walked out of the Airport to hire a taxi. Before she got in, she felt a shiver run up her spine. For good measure, she suddenly turned back and glanced suspiciously. Then she shook her head, thinking that she’s gone mad.

Why will anybody stalk a completely crazy high school grad, after all?

The taxi driver was staring at her from the rear-view mirror with a hilariously puzzled expression on his face.

She tried to act all formal and serious, as she stammered, “Pyeongchang-dong.”

When she finally pulled up in front of her new residence in Pyeongchang-dong, on whose letterbox was written ‘The Domicile’, she saw that the landlady was waiting for her.

The landlady was a healthy, middle-aged Ahjumma whose name was Regina.

Regina helped her with her luggage, and soon, she was in what is supposed to be her new home.

Hers was a huge studio apartment with a bedroom, a kitchen, a hall and a balcony. But everything was cozy. The most awesome part was that furniture and other electric stuff like T.V, refrigerator, heater came with the house.

The whole house had three studio apartments in a straight line. And the one in the middle was hers.

“You’re a lucky girl, you know,” sighed Regina.

Jia frowned. “Why?”

“Because both your neighbors are boys. Handsome hunks, if you ask me!” she replied, giggling.

Jia’s mouth was hanging open in shock, as Regina left the apartment. She gulped and hugged herself hard.

She knew that her mother would over-react. For some unknown reason, Jina had never been uncomfortable to see her daughter hanging around with boys. There was always an 8 O’clock curfew in her house. And after that, Jia shouldn’t even talk to boys.

So Jia was quite sure that her mom would completely freak out when she hears the news that her daughter will be living in with two boys in the same house divided only by two walls, for the next five years.

Jia had never been able to convincingly lie to her mother. But twisting the truth was another matter. And she knew that she’ll have to get there soon.

But for now, she had an important message to relay to her mother—the news that she survived her flight.

She fired up her Dell, and logged into her e-mail account.

To: Lee Jina

From: Lee Jia
Sub: Nothing much to say except that I already miss you…


Dear Mom,

Everything seems to be in black-and-white without you. I really miss our Spinster Pad. I’m settled in my own mini-Spinster Pad. And I can’t wait for these five years to end already. Well, I’ll get back to you again.






So, did you guys like the twist? ‘Coz I loved it!!!

Well, while it may not be as humorous as it would be if the three of them would turn out to be roommies, but even being neighbors is enough. I can’t wait to see how Joon is going to convince our Jia that he’s her neighbor. And also, there’s the other guy to deal with.

Whatever it may be, this chapter also focuses on the fact that Jina is a very possessive mother!

P.S. The synopsis will be out today! So, keep checking guys!


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