Playing With Innocence: Synopsis

Ah, here is the much-awaited and much-promised Synopsis. I worked my ass off to type it all up again, and I hope that you all will like it. This isn’t the original synopsis as the original one is extremely spoiling. To keep the suspense element alive, I’ve written my own synopsis, so I hope that you’ll understand it! Without further ado, let’s go ahead…


Lee Jia led her life like any other teenage girl—having fun and playing around. She’s as ordinary as anyone else, with her life revolving around her mom and studies. The day she got her acceptance letter from the Seoul School of Computer Sciences is the day her life completely changed.

The free-spirited Jia never knew what it is like to be hunted. And when the hunter happens to be one of the most wanted men of the National Intelligence Service of South Korea?!

Written with a break-neck pace, and infused with humour, love, friendship and sacrifice, this book is much more than just any other novel.

Each character introduced in the book has an importance. Be it Jia’s mother, Kim Joo-won, and his son—the three people who’re actively trying to protect Jia, or even the terrifying Master and his dark protégé. Every single character has its own shade and subtleties.

Lee Jia lives with her overprotective mother, Jina, in Singapore. Before any of us can think that her mother is unreasonable, there is a very big cause for which her mother guards her like that.

Jia’s father is the mysterious Master, the Most Wanted Man of the NIS. And he’s been relentlessly searching for her. And protecting her is her mysteriously powerful mother, Kim Joo-won and his son.

Kim Joo-won is the Director of the NIS. He’s sharp, cunning and manipulative. But most of all, he puts the security of his country above anything else. And if there’s one thing Joo-won loves the most, it’s his power.

Kim Joo-won’s son is the best NIS Field Agent, and specialized in tracking down the Master’s sympathizers and associates. Over the last few years, that had become his Special Job. However, due to some unknown tragedy that had taken place a year ago, he went into hibernation for six months. And he came out only when his father goaded him using Jia’s name.

If there’s one person he genuinely cares about, it’s Jia. And he, his father and Jina are more than willing to put down their lives for her.

Then there’s the bad side, as there always is, in the form of the Master. He’s mysteriously powerful and we don’t know much about him except that he’s a very important person in North Korea. He’s someone who’s highly protected and has connections almost everywhere. And the one person he’s been hunting for obstinately for is his daughter.

And last, but not the least, there’s the Master’s mysterious and enigmatic and dark protégé. He’s been trained in martial arts and shooting and is himself a deadly weapon. An expert hacker, he’s also one of the Most Wanted Men of NIS, second only to Master. He trusts no one and will kill anyone. And the only person who can put a leash on him is his Master.

But there’s more to this teacher-disciple pair as the Master sees himself in his protégé.


When these three leads, who each have different goals come together in one place and when their fates clash, what will it mean to the ones who are carefully watching their every move?


I know that the book sounds very dark and all, but the truth is that putting aside the suspense, the entire book is actually a very light and fun read. You’ll find yourself falling in love with each character as an individual. You’ll especially love it when our three leads will slowly learn to bond with each other and unknowingly become a part of each other’s life.

I know that I’m not a great translator as this is only my first novel translation project. But I sincerely hope that you’ll all encourage me in this mission of mine.

Please do comment and share your opinions and encourage me by doing so!

With lots of love,
Asianbolt. (*Fighting!*)


3 thoughts on “Playing With Innocence: Synopsis

    • You’re welcome, Gladeys! It feels really good to see that people are interested in what I’m doing! 🙂
      I’m working on the next chapter and it’ll be out by today!


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