Playing With Innocence: Chapter 6 Part I

I’M BAAACCCKKK! I know that it’s been a REALLY long hiatus, but I’m sorry! Anyways, in this chapter, our heroine learns that not all neighbors are nice and friendly and that the first day of college can end up becoming really tiring! Things have just started heating up, and it’s a promise that there’s a lot more to come.

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Chapter 6 (Part 1): The Ill-fated Stars.

Jia was trembling internally, as the boy on the other side glared at her. He was obviously of Jia’s age. The girl who was with the boy was still breathing hard. She was pretty, no doubt about it.

“Will you answer me now? Or should I call the cops?” asked the boy, full of arrogance.

“Well, I’m your neighbor,” answered Jia, “And it is said that making neighbors as your enemies is a dangerous thing.” You pompous ass!

She walked past the boy and the girl, to her door. She took her key and struggled with the door. Suddenly, she felt a presence beside her. She whirled to see that it was the boy.

“I think we hardly know each other to become enemies,” purred the boy.

He’s not only an ass but also a playboy, thought Jia, disgusted. She ignored him as he looked strangely intently at her. She felt something funny in her stomach and glared at him before turning away to the door.

“I’m Yul, by the way. Park Yul,” he said, leaning against the wall beside her door.

She ignored him. And at last, the door opened. Hallelujah!

“What’s your name, by the way?” he asked her, reaching forward to touch her hand.

“Get away!” she snapped.

The last thing Jia saw before shutting the door on the boy’s face was the girl’s sour expression.
After a night’s fitful sleep, Jia woke up to the day of her orientation class. The School begins tomorrow, but they called all the freshmen to the campus at 8 O’clock that day.

Yawning, she went to the bathroom for a quick shower and then dressed up in a casual bohemian shirt over jeans. She pulled back her short and spiky hair into a ponytail and put on her hunting boots.

Then she walked out whistling ‘Play With Me’ by Cross Gene. As she walked past Yul’s door, she had to resist the urge to give it a sound kick.
She got into a bus which dropped her right in front of the campus’s huge gates.

Seoul was more famous as the home of SNU. And this overshadowed the Seoul School of Computer Scienes. But the School was beautiful too. It had a beautiful landscape and sprawling grounds and was right beside the Han River.

The senior students directed her to the Auditorium, in which almost all the seats were filled by the time she had come. The Orientation had already started. She settled down in the back of the hall in a corner. The Director of the School was giving a dull speech about the School’s vision and et cetera and she tried her best to listen. But her interest to listen lost to sleep.

She woke up just in time to listen to an announcement about a Placement Test. Jia jerked at that. She wasn’t prepared at all and was starting to get worked up when the invigilators walked in holding the Question papers and necessary stationery. She felt nervous as they handed over the question papers and the pens.

She closed her eyes and imagined that Jina was with her. She immediately calmed down. Then she opened her eyes to take a quick look at her paper. It turned out to be one of the easiest papers she had ever written. She was the first one to walk out of the Hall.
She roamed about the Campus, and then sat down on a bench in the sprawling grounds. Without knowing when, she fell asleep right there.

Hmm, this chapter marks the real meeting between Jia and Yul, and as promised they’ve hit quite a rocky start. There’s not much that took place in this chapter, but the next one is, for sure, filled with a lot of major incidents.
And as for the reader queries on who hacked into the NIS Servers, it’ll be someone who you’ll most probably not expecting to be.


4 thoughts on “Playing With Innocence: Chapter 6 Part I

  1. Yul is a jerk because he chose to be one. It’s his belief that if he’s flippant, it won’t be really suspicious. And it’s partly true because the last person who you believe will do any kind of damage is the person who’s too lazy to even move his ass from one place to another. Yul’s abrasiveness is a way to deflect potential suspicion.


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