The Lone Star In My Constellation: Chapter 1.1

Here’s the first chapter of TLSIMC! It’s fast, emotional and zippy! And I love it! After all, who doesn’t love a book where the two estranged leads are made to meet in the very first Chapter?!

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CHAPTER 1: A Promise (Part 1)

Love isn’t a feeling. It’s a promise. It’s a promise to cherish and to trust each other. But a broken promise pushed us apart. A broken promise that was as sacred as any other. A promise not only to love, but also to live…

Li Ming Xing stared at the departing flights with a strange heaviness in her heart. A heaviness that’s been in her heart since almost ten years.

These ten years have changed her a lot. Her flowing black hair has been trimmed and she’s ditched her comfort clothes in favour of a more professional look.

But in reality, this was just a preparation for the first day of her new job as a news anchor in the company she’s newly joined. Ming Xing is finally shifting back to China from South Korea, after ten years.

She fondly remembered her days in China, her University. And her heart still lurched when she thought of him. Only, what she felt was a paradoxical bitter-sweetness at her memories with him.

His sharp and angular features, his handsome face with those cold black eyes. His deep and masculine voice. His Alpha-Male body language.

She still remembered him. All of him.

After all, Han Xue Zhao isn’t any ordinary man. And she’s just a small star in his huge constellation.

As she sat on the comfortable sofa in the departure lounge of the Airport, she reminisced about her old student days and smiled to herself. Dragging herself out of her reverie, she took out her laptop and started working on completing her next article.

Li Ming Xing has majored in Creative Writing and Broadcast Journalism from P University of China, which is the country’s top University. Coming from such a top Varsity, her journey in the field of Journalism had become a bit easier compared to what others usually went through. She’d worked for one of the top Media Companies of South Korea, first as a field reporter in War Correspondence and then as a lifestyle news presenter.

Now, as a successful journalist, she’s returning to China, her motherland and also the country which has many memories for her.

“Ming Xing!”

She looked up, surprised to see Mo Wen Ru smiling down at her. Smiling, even she got up to give him a hug and kissed him on two cheeks in the European Style.

Mo Wen Ru is a top Chinese News Reader who gained a lot of female fans mainly for his looks. Of course, he’s talented, but his looks gave him a major boost in the industry.

“Ming Xing, long time no see!” he said, smiling at her. She smiled back at him faintly.

She and Mo Wen Ru had dated a few years ago. Then they’d broken up with each other.

“Long time no see!” she agreed, softly.

“It is as though all the stars in my life had disappeared after you left, Ming Xing!” he complained, still holding her close.

She grew uncomfortable when he used her name as a metaphor, and tried to pull away from him. She sat down on the sofa again, and he occupied the sofa right opposite to her.

There were a few minutes of awkward silence, before he broke it and said, “We could have made it work, you know!”

She looked up at him, surprised and confused. “What?”

“Our relationship, we could have made it work,” he elaborated. “If only you would have quit working.”

“You could have quit working too!” she pointed out, quietly.

“I’m a man! How can I not work?!” he asked her, incredulously.

At that very moment, an announcement for the boarding of her flight came. She started packing her things and got up.
She saw the departing flights, shook her head and smiled faintly, before turning back to him and saying, “You’re still the same man who I dumped all those years ago, Mo Wen Ru. You haven’t changed at all!”

His face turned red from shame, as she turned and walked away gracefully to the Boarding Gate.

Ming Xing was waiting for her baggage to arrive in the Baggage Collecting Area of the Airport. The Conveyor Belt brought out various bags, but none of them were hers.

Finally, she’s on Chinese land. And she felt weird that she’s back after such a long gap. The first thing that she’d done when she’d stepped down the flight was take a deep breath.

She knew that technically there’s no difference in the scent of air in China and abroad. But somehow, Chinese air smelled more like home to her. I’m back! She thought to herself.

When she saw her suitcases approaching her on the Conveyor Belt, she was filled with dread. They were all huge and very heavy. She’d brought most of her things along with her from Seoul. Back in the Incheon Airport, she’d handled the baggage with the help of a Paid Porter. But now, there’s no facility like that.

As a result, she had to wait for the Conveyor Belt to do a few more rounds to get all of her baggage as she was unsuccessful in many of her attempts to get all her baggage down. As she stood there waiting for the last bag to come to her, she knew that her sore shoulders won’t be able to handle that one as it’s the most heaviest of them all.

Suddenly, a very masculine scent filled her nostrils and she saw that a well-built man had bent cross to lift her bag for her. She almost cried tears of gratitude. So, it was with shining eyes that she faced the man who placed the bag in her trolleys. And when she saw his face, her face turned pale.

“Ming Xing, you fill my world with light…”

“Ming Xing, if I’m a constellation, then you’re my only star…”

His words, they’d tugged at her heart and made her surrender it to him ten years ago. These words were the very reason why she’d never gotten over him no matter how hard she’d tried.

Han Xue Zhao didn’t even spare her a glance as he left without looking back. He was joined by a few other men in business suits.

She slid down on her knees, and tried to control her simpering emotions which were at war with each other.

She couldn’t believe her fate. She’s barely been an hour in China and she already got to meet him. She didn’t know how their first meeting after returning to China would be. She thought that he would probably be hostile towards her or at least say something.

But she didn’t expect his total indifference towards her, as if he didn’t care whether still existed or not.

Truly, ten years can change anyone. Even people whom you least expect to change.


Okay, keeping aside the fact that I’m personally close to the writer of this book, I’m totally inclined towards giving honest comments.
I love Ming Xing. I love her especially in the first chapter, because of the epic smackdown that she gave to the annoying male chauvinistic ex-boyfriend Mo Wen Ru. I love the way she carries her attitude in this chapter. She isn’t vain. She isn’t mean. She just doesn’t take shit from people.
And I love the fact that we have a very honest female lead who doesn’t lie to herself or doesn’t wallow in the denial land. She’s strong and knows that she can survive without love. But it would be nice to have someone loving you and taking care of you.
And about Xue Zhao, I can’t really say anything because we haven’t really gotten to meet him properly yet. But if a girl like Ming Xing fell hard for him… well, I would be lying if I said that I’m not keepin my expectations high!

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