Playing With Innocence: Chapter 6 Part II

As this post marks the end of the Chapter, Jia is greeted by another surprise! A surprise that means many things as it could potentially change the entire game plan made by the Master. And also, we’re given an insight into her childhood. Put together, this only makes the enigma that is Jia, harder to understand.

Song of The Day: Pass On By (지나간다) by Im Na Rae – Healer OST  [Download]


Chapter 6 (Part 2): The Ill-fated Stars.

“Pinky swear that you will always be with me?” said a little girl’s voice, that incredibly seemed to be coming out of her.

“I’ll always be with you, Jia,” said a little boy, “I’ll never leave your side even if the whole world ends. We’ll always be together. Together.”

It was too dark, and she couldn’t see who the boy was. Both of them turned to face the night sky, which was filled with twinkling stars. “As long as these stars will shine, we’ll be together,” said the boy.

But that one word cut her heart like a dagger: Together.

She didn’t know why, but tears came to her eyes. She didn’t know who the boy was, but she knew that that boy had broken his promise to her.
When Jia woke up, she was covered with sweat and was panting. Closing her eyes and telling herself to get a grip, she got up to leave.

That was when she came face-to-face with a familiar person with raven hair and sea-green eyes.

“Joon?” she exclaimed, shocked.

And at the same time, he smiled as he said, “Nice to meet you again, Jia!”



I know that this chapter is pretty small. But that’s because the main action takes place in the next chapter, where we’re introduced to a new character that completes our Quartet.
That new character wasn’t included in the synopsis because I wanted to introduce him with the proper grandeur required of a very important character that will begin the race for the unknown.
And as for this chapter, we get to see Jia’s vulnerable side: one that she hasn’t shown right from the beginning of the book. And of course, Joon’s entry into the college means several things for everyone in the book. But as far as us readers are concerned, what matters is that the plot has only thickened and the way it’s going to unravel later on adds to the excitement of it all!


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