The Lone Star In My Constellation: Chapter 2 Part I

What next after the rude brush-off that Ming Xing receives from her ex? This coming chapter deals with the aftermath of the grim Interview. And of course, how long can you fight against something that’s meant to be? As Shakespeare once declared, “Love conquers all, and we must yield to love”, we find that you can’t really stop yourself from following your heart, because it’s a losing battle.

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CHAPTER 2 (PART 1): A Shining Star.

All the lights in the city cannot be compared to the brightness of the night sky with its millions of stars. They were shining especially brilliantly tonight.

But not more than her, Han Xue Zhao felt. Never more than her. He took a deep whiff from his Camel Cigar.

It’s always been like this — he pushes her away, and then runs around searching for her. Why push her away, and why regret later?

He remembered her clear eyes back in the studio. He remembered the way he watched her turn from being active to vulnerable in a span of half hour. He wondered whether this is what she went through every day— running herself to the point of exhaustion.

When he saw her walk out into the Cellar Parking Area of the office building, looking totally drained, his hands tightened unconsciously on the steering wheel of his Range Rover.

He noted that she still walks pigeon-toed.

He didn’t know why, but the first thing that he’d done after the interview was done was to call up Xiao Xi and finding out whether Ming Xing has a car or not. He’d felt strangely happy when he heard that her car hasn’t been shipped from Seoul to China yet.

He’d already dropped off Serena at her place and came back here at full speed. And he felt this strange sense of relief when he saw that she hasn’t left yet.

So, it is with purpose that he drove forward towards her.

Li Ming Xing felt bone-tired as she hurried out of the cellar. Her back ached a lot. And there’s a reason for that.

Ming Xing has Spondilolysthesis, because of which one of her vertebra has parted from the other. She’s been suffering this problem ever since she could remember, and it was also why she’d stopped her work as a War Correspondent, even though she was successful in that field. Her back troubled her too much. And it’s also the reason why she walks pigeon-toed.

The only thought in her mind as of now, however, was to catch the taxi that she’d hired through a Taxi Provider App.

And when a Range Rover appeared in her path, she was pretty startled. Since when did Range Rovers start moving around as taxis, ah?!

It was only when a window of the car slid down that she recognized the ‘taxi’s’ driver: Han Xue Zhao.

“Get in,” he said, calmly.

She frowned. Why’s he being so helpful? “I have a taxi waiting outside for me.”

Is it disappointment that she saw in his face? No way! Her eyes have to be malfunctioning! “Li Ming Xing, do you trust an unknown taxi driver to drop you safely near your home more than you trust your old College friend?”

Oh, are we ‘friends’ now?! “Uh, no?”

“Then get in!”

“But the taxi?”

“I’ll pay him up.”

She hesitated a bit, but got in. The car is an SUV that is classy and looks efficient, just like its handsome owner. She could smell the scent of cigars and frowned at him.

“Since when did you start smoking?” she blurted out in an admonishing voice, before she could stop herself.

He didn’t look at her, as he calmly answered, “It’s been a while.”

Han Xue Zhao actually stopped outside the building and paid up the taxi driver who was waiting outside. Then he turned to her. “Where are you living right now?” he asked her.

“In a serviced apartment in the ABC Street,” she quietly replied to him.

“I know that place. I’ll drop you there,” he said, nodding. She silently looked at all the cars beside her on the road. All of them were people eagerly waiting to go home.

Ming Xing had always been a person who was on call for duty at all hours. She never compromised on the job assigned to her and was a perfectionist to the core. Both she and Xue Zhao were people who never backed down and faced things head-on.

Perhaps, that was what had brought her and Han Xue Zhao together even ten years ago.




Okay, now! First give me some time to recover! *takes a deep breath*


Han Xue Zhao, you big ol’ softie! I knew that you were putting on that grumpypants show for nothing! Oh my GOD! You literally made my heart stop in the last chapter! Why can’t you be so sweet forever!

Ugh, I can’t believe that you almost had me there in the last chapter, making me believe that you really don’t care about our Ming Xing!

Anyways, our villain-turned-protagonist has just proved to us that he’s just a lovable Mr. Grumpypants. And I’m so glad for Ming Xing that she’s never really moved on, because that would have been pitiful for our Grumpypants. But the tragedy is that Ming Xing doesn’t know that this is all just a show and that he loves her back! This actually spices up things for us, because while the girl is under the delusion that the guy has moved on and considers her as a friend, the guy is thinking that the girl never really loved him in the first place, while the truth is that both of them are still crazy about each other and have always been!

All I can say as of now is: BRING IT ON, Book!

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