The Lone Star In My Constellation: Chapter 3 Part II

It feels very good translating TLSIMC. Especially because every chapter means something new. And in this chapter, we’re all going to witness a huge step forward in the dynamic between Ming Xing and Xue Zhao. Or… will this step turn out to be one taken in reverse-gear?!

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CHAPTER 3 (Part II): Waiting.

“Earth to Ming Xing!” Mo Wen Ru called out to Ming Xing.

She looked up from her coffee, startled. She smiled weakly and quickly drank her coffee and stood up to leave.

“Hey, you’re leaving already?” he asked.

She nodded. “I’ve got to go. Someone’s waiting outside for me.”

“I’ll take you outside then.”

Ming Xing tried to decline, but Mo Wen Ru was adamant. It is evening and the sun setting behind the clouds was a beautiful sight to behold. But Ming Xing was nervous because Mo Wen Ru isn’t leaving her side.

Then the Range Rover rolled out in front of her. An ethereally handsome man wearing a dashing tuxedo gracefully stepped out of the car and walked over to her.

He looked the same like he had ten years before, though at that time he drove around on his Thunderbird. There’s something about that bike that made her feel as if Xue Zhao belonged with it. This flashy car, no doubt, is wonderful. But the image she has of Xue Zhao has been paused to that of ten years ago, and this new extremely rich man isn’t that carefree, arrogant young man.

“Han… Han Xue Zhao?” muttered Mo Wen Ru, disbelievingly.

But she didn’t care. She had eyes only for the astounding male specimen walking towards her and looking at her with a burning stare. He extended his hand to her and she took it without hesitation.

“Good day, Mr. Mo!” said Xue Zhao, before leading her to his car.

Once she got inside and he started driving, she started feeling the coldness radiating off him. He’s taken out a cigar and lit it.

The smell of burning tobacco filled the car.

Ming Xing coughed uncomfortably. “You ought to stop smoking.”

He ignored her and took a deep whiff. Annoyed, she put her hand on his arm to stop him. “You really should quit smoking,” she warned him.

“It’s easier said than done,” he replied dismissively.

“That’s just crap! Quitting isn’t hard. Deciding to quit is hard.”

“Is that how you left me ten years ago? Leaving me wasn’t hard, was it? The deciding phase — well, let me hope that I was worth your thinking hard!”

Ming Xing’s words got stuck in her throat itself. She clenched her hand and looked away.

Xue Zhao drove at full speed to god knows where. But Ming Xing was sure that this isn’t their destination. “Where are we?” she asked him, frowning.

Instead of answering, he got out of the car. She took out her phone’s GPS locator and saw that they’re on a highway in the outskirts of the city. Not a single car nor a human soul could be seen around them. There were huge fields all around and the setting sun was the only light illuminating them.

She was startled when her door suddenly opened. It was Xue Zhao.

“What happened? Why did we stop here?” she asked him, as she got out of the car and stood beside him.

He was leaning on her closed door and was staring at the setting sun with a strange intensity.

“Happy birthday, Li Ming Xing!” he whispered, softly.

Ming Xing was rooted to her spot and was staring at him transfixed. “How…” she asked, her voice trembling.

“I never forgot, Ming Xing. I’ve never forgotten, and I’ll never be able to forget,” he breathed.

His arms encircled her and trapped her on the car’s door. As the last rays of the sun fell on them, his lips found hers.

He slowly kissed her and let the exquisite moment to seep into both of them. His lips shaped hers and he could taste coffee on them. He lightly bit her lips and she gasped, easily opening the path for his tongue to explore. Slowly, the sweet and light kiss turned heated and passionate, as he gripped her waist and kissed her as though he wanted to keep her with him forever. He felt like a person lost in the sea. And she’s his life-saving float.

Ming Xing was seized with various feelings as Han Xue Zhao kissed her. But the most prominent of them was passion. She tasted cigars and him. She tentatively met his tongue with hers and stroked it lightly. She gently kissed him back. It seemed to drive him crazy, as he reiterated by kissing her even more deeply. Not one to back down either, she kissed him back just as fiercely.

Her hands roamed all over his body and finally made their way to his hair. She gasped when she ran her fingers through his hair. His hair was like strands of silk, soft and smooth. They were the same as ten years ago. As he kissed her harder, her grip on his hair increased. He pressed her entirely onto the car using his hot body and she only pulled him closer to her. He kissed her deeper and deeper, as if even if he kissed her for his entire life it wouldn’t be enough.

His lips caressed the line of her jaw and her neck. She moaned when he reached the neckline of her gown and flexed her fingers in his hair. They were both gasping for breath and he buried his head in the crook of her neck. His lips were touching her shoulders and she felt as though they were branding the sensitive skin there.

He slowly drew back and his forehead touched hers. “Why…” he gasped. “Why am I not able to forget you?”
She herself was still breathing heavily and could do nothing except stroke his soft hair. Seeing her with another man… he’d felt irrationally jealous. As if she belongs only to him and to none other. “Tell me, Ming Xing, why do I act desperate around you?”

She didn’t know what to say. “Tell me, Ming Xing, why are you still the only star in my constellation?”

He pulled her into his embrace as the last rays of the sun disappeared.



*takes deep breath* *slowly sighs*

I hope I have given you all enough time to recover! 😉

But, by God, this is a pretty dangerous move, considering the fact that Ming Xing is still in a dilemna and even Xue Zhao isn’t really sure of what he wants. And the most sweetest part of the entire chapter is that he actually remembers her birthday, though she herself doesn’t really remember! How sweet is that?!

And I totally loved her analogy about memories and coffee. And I get this strange feeling that for Ming Xing, Mo Wen Ru was more like a substitute to fill the gaping hole left behind by Xue Zhao. But the hole was too large for him, so he simply slipped past.

It’s sorta cruel, I know. But since he isn’t exactly an angel either, I think it’s alright.

And also, this one’s gonna surprise you, I know. But Mo Wen Ru has a HUGE secret that will be revealed in the epilogue. A secret that’s totally unexpected by any of you. And that’s the only spoiler I’m providing as of now.

AAANNNNDDD, Xiao Li is penning a SEQUEL!!!!!

*excited squeal*

YEAH! You read it right!

She totally loved the response that she’s getting for TLSIMC, and decided that she wants to pen a sequel. And she wants to know possible suggestions you guys might give her. The story will revolve around the children of the OTP and the side characters. And after I heard the tentative plot, I knew that we’ll probably love it more than TLSIMC.

So, cheer her on, guys!

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  1. Agree so short. Love this couple. Let’s hope that MWR won’t be a 3rd wheel and hinder this couple. Would love her sequel. Please tell her that.


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