The Lone Star In My Constellation: Chapter 3 Part III

A flashback. And I love it. We’re finally getting a window to the OTP’s actual original courtship, all the kindergartner-techniques put aside. And of course, the stage for the entire scene has to be set in the Library. It’s infused with enough sweet moments that will turn you into a diabetic. So, let’s travel back 10 years to the P University’s Hall of Wisdom!

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CHAPTER 3 (Part III): Waiting.

Li Ming Xing cursed Xiao Xi in her heart as she dusted the bookshelves of the library.

She was standing on a ladder trying to reach the books in the storeroom that were too high. Old books of the library were preserved in the library instead of being thrown away to make space for new and flashy copies. And since the books in the storeroom were piled in the old bookshelves to become a huge never-ending stack, she had to struggle to reach the top of the huge pile.

“What’re you doing?” asked a deep masculine voice.

Ming Xing almost slipped out of shock. When she saw the speaker, she rolled her eyes.

“Me?” she said, sarcasm dripping from her voice. “Well, I’m skydiving!”

“You have quite a sharp tongue, don’t you?”

“I don’t remember the last time I cut something with my tongue, Senior Brother Han.”

Xue Zhao chuckled. “Besides, I see that you love talking on the phone. I’ll leave behind two of my numbers to you. One is the dormitory’s and the other is the workshop’s. If you need me, you can contact me through these numbers,” he told her.

“Why will I ever need you?” she snarled.

Xue Zhao shook his head, and smiled, before writing his numbers on a piece of paper and keeping it on the desk beside her ladder. Ignoring him, she turned back to dusting the bookshelves. She found that it’s almost impossible for her to reach the books that are too high because of her medium height.

“Shall I help you?” came his supportive voice.

Ming Xing battled against her initial oath to ignore the speaker, but eventually lost. “Alright!” she said, in a defeated voice.

She started climbing down the ladder, when she suddenly stumbled. But a pair of strong and warm hands caught hold of her. She opened her eyes which she’d closed out of fright. The first thing that she saw was Han Xue Zhao’s soulful black eyes.

She suddenly felt safe in his arms. It was a feeling that she’d never experienced before.

She was also unnerved by their close proximity. They were practically breathing each other’s breath now. From up close, she could see that his face is like an ethereal God, the kind you can only imagine. Only then did she realize that she’s actually playing with fire.

He has perfect sculpted lips. And his hair… she so loved his ruffled hair. “I want to touch your hair,” she blurted out, without thinking. Then she felt like dying.

She thought that he would burst out laughing. Rather, he looked at her seriously, as he took her hand in his and slowly lifted it to his hair. She was so shocked that she was sure that this is all just a dream.

Almost as if it’s a wonder, she spread her five fingers in his hair. It was so soft that she practically convulsed from the feeling of his hair slipping through her fingers. She gently flexed her fingers on his scalp. Her heart pounded in her chest and her mouth became dry.

She blushed as she withdrew her fingers from his hair. But he caught hold of them and planted a kiss on each of her finger. She thought her fingers were burning from the sensation of his lips on the skin.

Sanity returned to her, as she whispered, “I… I can’t! I’m sorry, but I can’t, Xue Zhao.”

Her voice trembled, but she knew that this is the truth. She couldn’t imagine herself being in a committed relationship with someone. With a personality like hers, that person would probably end up in the psychiatric ward before their first anniversary celebrations!

He covered her lips with his hand. “Hush!” he stopped her. “I’ll wait for you. I’ll wait for you right here. Every single day, I’ll wait for you until you accept me and come to me yourself!”

She felt lost. “Why, Xue Zhao? Why me?”

“Because, you’re the only star that fills my world with light, Ming Xing,” he tenderly whispered into her ears.



Oh Han Xue Zhao, you big bad boy! Why do you have to be so swoon-worthy?!

Anyway, if there’s one dialogue that I seriously love in this chapter, it’s “Me?” she said, sarcasm dripping from her voice. “Well, I’m skydiving!”

Lol! I mean, isn’t it obvious that she’s dusting books! Well, Xue Zhao isn’t the only genius who goes around asking dumb questions like “What are you doing?” even though they can see it with their own eyes.

Why?! I once read this story of King Akbar and his witty Prime Minister Birbal, where King Akbar had asked Birbal to tell him the names of the blind people in the capital of his kingdom within a week.

Birbal stopped going to court and instead went to the market. There he set up a shop which repairs cots, and began working. People were astonished to see the Prime Minister in the market repairing cots. So all of them started asking what he’s doing. His assistant quietly noted down the names of the people who asked such questions.

Akbar was worried since Birbal hasn’t been coming to court. And when he hears that Birbal is working in the market, he sets out with his entourage. He’s equally shocked as the other people and asks incredulously about what he’s doing. Birbal writes one last name in the list and hands it over to Emperor Akbar.

Akbar is shocked to see his own name in the list of blind people and angrily asks what Birbal meant by writing the Emperor’s name in the list.

Birbal humbly explains, “Your Majesty, you could see what I was doing and yet asked me about what I’m doing. It turns out that in our capital, there’re more blind people who can see, than the blind people who can’t see.”

For me, that was cheekiness overloaded! I loved the tales of Akbar and Birbal since I was a kid, so when I read Ming Xing’s dialogue, I knew that this story has to be shared.

I would love to know if you guys have ever experienced a similar situation with ‘blind people who can see’.

And did anybody else sigh dreamily when Ming Xing described the feel of stroking Xue Zhao’s hair?

And before you guys ask me, let me tell you that P University’s Library’s name is ‘Library of Wisdom’ or ‘Hall of Wisdom’. Sounds grand, doesn’t it?

But for our OTP, it’s turning out to be more of a ‘Hall of Romance’. *Hee* I always eat up geeky settings, you see!

Well, I’m signing off for now, but I’ll be back with the next part of the chapter soon! Until then, take care.

And this is Asianbolt who’s Crazy about all things Asian with a Capital ‘C’. 😉

6 thoughts on “The Lone Star In My Constellation: Chapter 3 Part III

  1. Thank you for the chapter AsianBolt-Sama LOL. I must say my utmost fav part of the is chapter has to be this “You have quite a sharp tongue, don’t you?”
    “I don’t remember the last time I cut something with my tongue, Senior Brother Han.”
    Hahaha I nearly died the scarcasm is much loved *wipes the tears away* Can’t wait for the next chapter Keep Up The Great Work!! 😆😂


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