Book Review: Heavy Sweetness Ash Like Frost by Dian Xian


Epic: that’s the one word I choose to describe this Xianxia novel that I came across.

At a time when there’s a spate of meaningless and wooden novels doing their rounds, with such horrible lyrical quality and plot that they’ll bring tears to your eyes,¬†Heavy Sweetness comes like a breather.

Delicately written characters, well-rounded plot are the assets of this novel. It’s funny, poignant and the characters will remain close to your heart.

Jin Mi is the daughter of the long-dead Flower Goddess, who was fed the Unfeeling Pill because of which she doesn’t comprehend the love that the Second Prince of Heaven, Phoenix, has for her. Actually, the Flower Goddess had her own reasons, because she was once involved in a love triangle between the Heavenly Emperor and the Water God. However, since her own story ended in tragedy, she wanted her daughter to avoid these sort of entanglements.

So Jin Mi grows up totally carefree. But, feelings won’t stay away for long. Because Phoenix and his elder brother Night both fall in love with her, and all hell breaks loose!

A superbly written book, there’s great depth to the characters. But what surprised me is that unlike the foreboding premise, the book itself had been extremely funny, thanks to Jin Mi’s thick skin. The light moments almost always manage to diffuse the underlaying tension, which I find to be a wonderful paradox in itself.

Even the side characters like Old Carrot Immortal, Master Pu Chi and Moon God have been given important roles to play and aren’t there just for cosmetic purposes. As the plot unravels more, the tension builds up and the climax is taken to a very high pitch. But it’s a tension one can’t help but love.

Especially when Jin Mi kills Phoenix, only to realize that regardless of the Unfeeling Pill, she’s fallen in love with him, the angst reaches peak level and you simply enjoy the ride knowing that you’re too hooked to get off from it.

Heavy Sweetness is without a doubt, one of the most well-written, heart-wrenching, tear-producing books I’ve read in the recent times. But in the end, it also reminded me of the reason why everybody loves Online C-Novels, to begin with.

Xiaoyuer was translating this book, as far as I remember. But when I checked now, Decembi had taken over and completed the entire book sans the epilogues.

The book’s been very well-translated by Decembi and I advise you guys to check it up here.


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