The Lone Star In My Constellation: Chapter 4 Part II

Get ready for a chapter full of emotional heavy-weightiness. Because this chapter is more like the beginning of the end of the angst. Or, of course, it could go different! Answers are demanded, tears are shed and hearts are broken in this chapter of Ming Xing and Xue Zhao. But, at the end of the day, as usual, they provide us some respite!

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Chapter 4 (Part II): Hearts and Heartbreakers.

“Madam, we’re done!” said the taxi driver, breaking Ming Xing out of her reverie. She looked out of the window to realize it’s raining heavily and also that he’s right. She’s reached home.

But this wasn’t really her home. This serviced apartment in which she’s been staying since the last few months isn’t her home, and she never felt like it is. She felt more like a homeless person nowadays.

She paid the driver, and stepped out as she made a decision. She’s returning to South Korea.

She has nothing to do here anymore. Nobody to really care about. Xiao Xi now has Liu Jin, and Xue Zhao… well, she won’t be surprised if she receives a wedding invitation bearing his and Gao Ye’s name.

Sighing, she tried to hurry as it was raining torrentially. Thunder rumbled in the sky, and the entire street was deserted.

“Li Ming Xing!” yelled a horribly familiar voice. She froze in her tracks.

“Li Ming Xing, you lied to me. Li Ming Xing, you’re a horrible person, and you know that. That’s why you aren’t even turning to look at me!” that voice continued to shout.

Breathing hard and trying to control her tears, Ming Xing slowly turned back. In the heavy rain, it wasn’t clear but she could make out a Range Rover parked not too far from her and a tall well-built and handsome man standing in front of it, facing her.

They were both drenched in the rain water, but neither of them were willing to move their eyes away from each other. Finally, he started walking towards her, as he asked her, “Li Ming Xing, what wrong did I ever do to you?”

Tears slowly started slipping from her eyes, as she stepped back and shook her head. “Please, don’t…” the pain is too raw.

“I have to know, Ming Xing…” he implored her. He quickly covered the distance between them. “Tell me, why did we break up, Ming Xing?”

She shook her head again, unable to bring herself to answer. “I can’t, Xue Zhao. Please…”

“And now, you’re running away from me, again… Aren’t you happy and satisfied breaking my heart once? How many more times should I hurt before you accept me, Ming Xing?” asked Xue Zhao, sounding totally defeated.

“Why are you doing this to me, Xue Zhao?” she cried.

“Because I’m not able to bring myself to love anybody else other than you,” he finally uttered the simple truth.

She looked at him disbelievingly, even as he continued, in a broken voice, “I’ve lost the ability to feel… to love… ever since you left me, Ming Xing. How could you be so cruel as to inflict such a huge punishment on me? But if this is the pain that I have to bear for loving you, I’m willing to bear it for the rest of my life, Ming Xing. All that you have to do is just recognize my love for you…”

“Don’t, Xue Zhao. Please… we have already crossed that bridge, and there’s no going back,” she tried to tell him, as the rain soaked them both and blurred everything else from sight.

“No, Ming Xing, you’re wrong,” he said, softly, taking a step forward and cupping her cheek in his palm. “There was never a bridge to cross.”

He bent his head down to capture her lips with his own. At that moment, she was so surprised that she automatically gasped, letting his tongue enter into her mouth. Their bodies radiated feverish heat, and the rainwater thinned the fabric of their clothes.

He could feel himself losing control as he feverishly ran his hands down the length of her body. Her body was like silk, melting into him, making him want more of her. She let her lose herself in the passionate kiss, as she ran her fingers through his wet and dripping hair and pulled at it painfully when he nipped at her lips with his teeth.

She could taste rainwater and tears. Her eyes widened, as she pulled back even as he resisted. With shock, she registered that Xue Zhao is actually crying. And when he realized that she knows, he said nothing except leaning his forehead on hers.

As the rain poured down and lightning flashed in the skies, he whispered, “Li Ming Xing, you’re a heartbreaker.”

She froze when she heard him. Her heart palpitated painfully. He gently detached himself from her and walked away.

And she sank down on her knees in the rain, as the Range Rover drove away and finally disappeared from sight.



That was so… intense.

*takes deep breath* You can feel Xue Zhao’s anger and resentment at having been left without being given any explanation. And you can feel Ming Xing’s pain of not being able to talk about the past. Yet, you also know that both of them are at fault and at the same time are not to blame either.

Urgh! Isn’t the entire thing confusing and totally angsty?!

But the next chapter is what I suggest you all should look forward to! Because that’s the chapter which details how Ming Xing finally accepts Xue Zhao’s feelings for her.

Oops! I revealed a bit too much! Okay, that’s it for now!

And, this is again a reminder for all of you that the entries for the most poetically-translated title of this book are open. You can translate the title ‘The Lone Star In My Constellation’ into Chinese Script and send them to .


7 thoughts on “The Lone Star In My Constellation: Chapter 4 Part II

  1. Thanks. I am happy at what you revealed. For a moment I thought she is going to pack her bags and go back to South Korea. Looking forward to the next chapter.


    • Unfortunately, no! That’s because Xiao Li is too stubborn and doesn’t want the Chinese version published online, as I’d already mentioned before in the Summary. She fears that her language isn’t that good because she’s grown away from China. All she wants is the title to sound very poetic. So, all that you’ve got to do is translate the name ‘The Lone Star In My Constellation’ into Chinese and send it over to us at


  2. Thank you for another post. Did I miss something here??!!!…. Did Ming Xing ever explained why she break up with Xue Zhao or it has not been revealed yet? Or I just as clueless as Xue Zhao why Ming Xing broke up with him in the first place??


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