The Lone Star In My Constellation: Chapter IV Part III

This chapter is, without a doubt, my most favourite chapter in the entire TLSIMC. Touching, symbolic and feel-good, this chapter has exactly the amount of wit and OTP moments that actually is the synonym of TLSIMC. It makes you realize why people fall in love in the first place: to find someone who’ll be there with them forever.

SONG OF THE DAY: Sapna Jahan (The World Of My Dreams) by Sonu Nigam and Neeti Mohan – Brothers OST [Download] [Translation]

Chapter IV (Part III): Hearts and Heartbreakers.

Ming Xing’s eyes involuntarily wandered to the doors of the library. It was time and he’d yet not come.

Her lips curled into a smile when she remembered last night. She’d called him just once and he’d come for her. She had a feeling she never felt before — a feeling of being protected. Sure, she knew that her dad does protect her, but most of the times he was absent, so she didn’t really know what it feels like to be protected.

And after her mother married a South Korean Media Magnate and even gave a birth to another daughter, their own relationship has become totally cut off. Her mother had called her up recently, asking her to come and see her new step-sister. Ming Xing had silently ended the call midway itself.

The fear is still there that Xue Zhao might hurt her, but now there’s also a certainty that wasn’t there before — the certainty that he loves her.

Sighing, she walked out of the library before she stopped and made a decision.

Han Xue Zhao rushed into the library, hoping against hope that isn’t too late. He felt crushed when he saw that she isn’t here. His eyes searched for her everywhere.

There were too many people in the library today. And as he waded through them, he wondered whether hugging her yesterday was too quick and rash from his part. After all, she doesn’t even like the very idea of love, so his open declaration of his feelings might have made her push him away.

Panic filled him, as he didn’t find her even after searching a lot. Dejected, he sat down on his usual bench beside her desk and stared blankly at the wooden table in front of him.

Suddenly, Laozi’s ‘The Way’ appeared in front of him. Surprised, he looked up to see who put the book on his table.

Ming Xing gracefully sat down beside him on the very same bench on which he’s sitting. But she didn’t meet his eyes. Rather, she simply opened ‘The Dream of the Red Chamber’ and started reading it.

Xue Zhao felt indescribable emotions swirling like a tornado inside of him. He understood what she means by this gesture.

His wait has ended. She’s accepted him.

The warm summer breeze that flew in from the huge windows of the library made the tendrils on her face dance. The gentle morning sun’s rays illuminated her beautiful face and her teeth were biting her dark red lips.

He couldn’t take his eyes off her, as he smiled unrestrainedly. Relief and warmth flooded him. And when she turned to look at him, he felt a wave of tenderness pass through him.

Ming Xing felt shy when Xue Zhao stared at her as though she’s the most precious thing in his eyes. When she turned to look at him, her eyes fell on the cuts and scrapes on his handsome face, courtesy of yesterday’s fight with that unknown attacker.

Unthinkingly, she raised her hand to touch the scars. But he involuntarily flinched.

Her hand stopped its motion mid-air, while he realized what he’s done. She swallowed and turned back to read her book. Suddenly, he caught hold of her hand, surprising her.

Then he raised it to touch his face. She hesitated, because she knew that they’re garnering curious looks from all the other readers in the library. And also, there’s poor Madam Qin to think about, who might suffer from a coronary if she ever gets to witness this blatant declaration of love in her sacred library.

As if he knows what she’s thinking about, he gently squeezed her hand, and that released her from all her inhibitions. She caressed all of the wounds that he gained because of protecting her. For her, they were a sign of how much he loves her.

As she retrieved her hand, he held on to it, as he said, “You don’t need to decide so quickly. I can still wait.”

He hated himself for saying it, but he knew that he has to say that. “I’m looking for instant gratification,” she answered, smiling a bit cheekily, as if she knows that he hates asking this question.

“I’m being very serious. Are you sure about this?”

“Did you ever read Saki’s ‘The Open Window’?” she asked, her question sounding more like a challenge.

He understood where she’s going with this. But he decided to play along. “Uh? What’s that got to do with this?”

Her smirk grew wider, as she cheekily quoted, “Romance at short notice is my specialty.”

“You won’t regret this decision of yours later? Because there’s no going back,” he warned her, one last time.

“I don’t see myself regretting it now. So I guess I won’t regret it in the future either,” she replied, nonchalantly.

He smiled, surprised by the sudden change of her heart, and also pleased that she came around so quickly. But there was another question niggling at the back of his mind, and he blurted, “Aren’t you afraid I might break your heart?”

Her eyes were the clearest and the darkest of all the shades of black, as she said, “You should be the one who should be afraid. Because I might end up breaking your heart.”



That was a sort-of anti-climatic ending to how the chapter begins. But then, it also makes sense about what Xue Zhao meant by calling her a “heartbreaker” in the previous chapter.

Whatever it may be, I love the vibes that come off this chapter. They’re so good. We get to indulge in the cuteness as well as feel the palpable tension between them. But, I’ll leave the rest of the words for you guys to comment. Xiao Li is noting your take on everything and is making little changes to the chapters before submitting them to me to translate and post.

And, of course, we’re still accepting entries for the most poetically/well translated title of this book. So whoever translates the words ‘The Lone Star In My Constellation’ very well into Chinese Script, please send them to .

P.S. The song posted above, ‘Sapna Jahan’ is like an inspiration for this chapter as Xiao Li had made major changes to this chapter after listening to that song. So i hope you guys like it.

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