A Lifetime of Longing by Xiao Li: Synopsis and Introduction

I’m back with a new book, and it’s a Gong Novel! Okay, what’s the wait for?! Let’s get to the synopsis!

SONG OF THE DAY: 李代沫-我的歌声里 (You Exist In My Song) – Li Daimo Version [Download] [Translation]


Princess Xue Xi Shi is the only girl in the huge Royal Family of the Xue Nong Kingdom, an oasis in the middle of the desert. A kingdom that is coveted by the powerful Ming Kingdom.

Led by the Crown Prince Ren Yu of the Ming, the Imperial Armies attack the peaceful kingdom of Xue Nong. To defend the Kingdom, Xi Shi’s father, King Xue Xi Hong and his many sons, along with the great General Chen He Shui and his son Chen He Shan rally for the battle.

But fate’s against them, as the General is killed by the Crown Prince Ren Yu, and Xue Xi Hong decides to surrender. Chen He Shan, to whom Xi Shi has given her heart, decides to seek revenge and leaves the Kingdom which is swarmed by the Ming Soldiers.

And Xi Shi has to face the consequences of this Surrender, which changed her life forever. She’s no longer the sheltered Princess of the Family. She’s now going to be the wife of her Enemy’s son, the Crown Prince Ren Yu who killed her lover’s father.

Laced with tragedy, love, happiness, heartbreak, witty moments and profound wisdom, this book delves into the life of a Princess whose choices are taken away from her by the circumstances.


NOTE: The characters and their names mentioned in this book are entirely fictitious and are a product of the imagination of the Author. Any resemblance to real life people, historical events or names is entirely coincidental. The Xi Shi, protagonist, is a namesake of the Xi Shi who was one of the Four Great Beauties of the Ancient China. In this fictitious world, the original Xi Shi existed much before the protagonist did.



I’m so excited about this Project that you guys have no idea. This is the first time I’m handling an ancient novel and I’ve never felt so amateurish before. Thankfully, Xiao Li wrote it mostly in English and dropped a few Chinese Characters in between, as her Traditional Chinese is spotty. Even the title ‘A Lifetime of Longing’ is in English as we don’t really know how to write it poetically in Chinese. If anyone will be kind enough to translate the title into Traditional Chinese Script, we would be very happy.

Okay, coming back to the point, I’ll be updating this book very slowly as my main priority remains to be ‘The Lone Star In My Constellation’. But I hope that you’ll all encourage us the way you have been doing so till now.

Thanks for the love, guys!

Yours In The Name of The Cult,
Asianbolt. (Fighting!)


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