Lyrics and Translation of ‘Jeevanadi (River of Life)’ from Baahubali-The Beginning OST

MOVIE: Baahubali – The Beginning [2015]
Jeevanadi (జీవనది)
Geeta Madhuri
Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Tamannah, Anushka, Satyaraj etc.
MUSIC: Keeravani

This song is played in the beginning of the Movie Baahubali-The Beginning. As the opening credits are shown and the map of the mythical kingdom of Mahishmathi is pored upon in Game-of-Thrones-style, this song plays in the background. Baahubali is the story of rivalry between two brothers, and is set in a fictitious historical world. Jeevanadi is about the River of Life, and how life goes on whatever may happen.


Bangaru kalalni
Golden dreams

Gunde lothu gaayaalni
Scars that are as deep as the heart

Kadupulo Daachukunna Jeevanadi
Are hidden in the River of Life

Kondalu Konalu addamai tagilina
Even if the Hills and Creeks come in the way

Bandaraathi loyale niluvuna cheelchina
Even if the Valleys split it into half

Aaganide Praananadi
The River of Life will never stop

Alasiponide Jeevanadi
The River of Life will never tire





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