ANNOUNCEMENT: Asianbolt Needs Your Advice!

Na, this is more like your opinions that advise! You see, I’ll writing all the important exams of my life in 2017! So, I wanted to find out what place would be better to choose to study after high school graduation, as I’ve begun my preparations for competitive exams!

Well, I’m currently in Advanced Placements for Math, Physics and Chemistry! And, I’m interested in Engineering. I’ll choose the major later on.

But, as of now, I’m totally interested in Indian Institutes of Technology or IITs as they’re popularly called, as lot of my acquaintances have got in. The IITs have got the toughest Entrance Exam in the world. And about 170,000 students have written this exam this year. There are two stages: Mains and Advanced.

Mains paper is pretty easy compared to Advanced Paper, but that’s a diferent matter again.

The next exam I have in my mind are the SATs and APs (of course!). I wish to get into the Ivy Leagues. I’m taking my SAT this Saturday (aka 4th June 2016). I’m pretty good in English, Math, Physics, Chemistry and IQ, so I guess it won’t be too difficult to tackle SATs, but then, I can’t really say anything as of now. I set my eyes on MIT, Princeton, Harvard, Stanford and UPenn. Carnegie Mellon is also another Univ in which I’m interested.

I think Peking University in Beijing would be good, too! My cousin is doing her MBBS Course in a University close to Peking, and she says it’s a wonderful place, so it’s on list too! But they mentioned that Level 4 Chinese is mandatory. So, I’m a little hesitant too. Then there’s the Seoul National University and the Sungkyunkwan University which I feel would be good too!

In Singapore, I’m looking at National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University.

Actually, all this stuff is the reason why I’m not able to devote my attention to blogging anymore. So, I hope that you all will take this into consideration and forgive me for my lapse.

Please give your suggestions on this matter!

P.S. Who else is watching French Open?!


4 thoughts on “ANNOUNCEMENT: Asianbolt Needs Your Advice!

  1. Lol, have no reccomendations cause I live in Australia hahaha. However, i still want to comment since no one has and it looks a little lonely. I remember some friends saying that it would be a good idea to do undergraduate degree in a home country uni in a course that allows you to move to other universities in foreign countries for a couple of months of studying at once (not sure if you have that in the country you’re in). This way, you can have a variety in experiences which you can put on your resume (if it is lacking?) since it seems like you are considering foreign uni’s alot. And you can choose your favourite country to do post graduate in! (That is, if you have any money left)
    But that’s just my opinion. (Actually, I believe we are of the same age, so I am looking at my choices too)


  2. I would have recommended Technical University in München. But then you´ll be forced to learn german for your bachelor. So it´s a wonderful idea to concider for Masters.


  3. I am not if this would help you nor interest you, but I will still write about my “experiences” (now I am in my last high school year)

    Since I live in Europe, better to say in austria (not Australia, think of Mozart, skiing and so on), and lookes a bit around, I know that quite a few Scottish universities have international students, students from Europe can get a scholarship and don’t need to pay the tuition fee, those outside Europe can get also a lesser tuition fee.
    Some universities there in physics and so on, the scientific projects there also appear interesting

    But I talked with a former physics scientist so to say, and he told me that in most, if not all, scientific fields, you need at least a master to work actively in the projects
    So I decided to study for my bachelor in my country and then start to study for my master in northern Europe country’s (next year I am starting to study molecular biotechnology by the way ^-^ hopefully I will be accepted)

    So my tip is: talk with people in those fields you are interested to, I am sure there are contact persons on the homepages on the universities website.


    • Thanks Haweii!
      I didnt want US Citizenship as I’m too attached to my own native country. So I’ll have to apply to the Ivy Leagues as an International Student. Regarding molecular biotechnology, IIT Guwahati has an excellent programme which I have an idea about. However, it’s in India and the entrance examinations are very difficult.
      All the best to you!
      An as far as contacting people is concerned, I have done that. And I have chalked out a plan which has MIT in the top and Harvard and Stanford following next. I’m even inclined towards Cornell coz it has the Tata Fund. Hopefully, I’ll be able to clear these! Thank you and all the best for your exams!


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