Happy New Year 2016!!!(And The C-Novels We Loved In 2015)

Yippee! It’s party time! ‘Cause we have successfully managed to see the end of an year in our blog! (Though, technically, we started out on 15th May, 2015). So, I and my good friend @LucilleLyons are going to start blabbering about what all we have discovered, loved and hated about 2015, with the focal point being C-Novels. Join us as we set out on a sort-of-nostalgic ride!

SONG OF THE DAY: Matargahsti by Mohit Chauhan – Tamasha [Listen]

lyons: Um, hello! I’m @LucilleLyons, though I prefer to be called as Lyons. I’m an artist and a thinker. (ab: Oh, wow! Since when did you have a brain to start thinking?!) Uh… I really don’t know how to begin, except to wish you all a very Happy New Year!


asianbolt: *clears throat* Ahem! This is exactly the reason why Opening Spiels should be left to some really awesome people!

lyons: Which happens to be me! Well, to begin with, what did you like about 2015, Asianbolt?

asianbolt: If I think about it, what I really liked about 2015 was my blog, the wonderful people I got to meet, and…

lyons: And…?

asianbolt: The FOOOOODDD!!!

lyons: Eh?!

asianbolt: Oh yes! How can I forget?! The food! Ooh! How I loved the food in Really, Really Miss You and the Drama Let’s Eat 2.

lyons: *facepalm* Why am I not surprised?!

asianbolt: Well, if you’re going to ask me something that isn’t related to food, I think I loved Kim Soohyun Oppa in Producers.

lyons: asianbolt, why have you lost your element of surprise?

asianbolt: I think I might start liking romantic-fiction, after all!

lyons: *clutches heart in shock* W.H.A.T?! I think I might be having a coronary here!

asianbolt: Gotcha!

lyons: *Scowls* Okay, let’s talk books now.

asianbolt: *looks up from her Pepper Pork Stomach and Chicken Soup* BOOKS?! I’m in.

lyons: Honestly, this year we have seen quite a lot of translations around!

asianbolt: Though I feel not all of them have been executed to perfection, many C-Novels have been translated with a lot of gusto. As an observer, I think the direction of these Translation Blogs are in the right path, setting the standards for many other enthusiasts and spreading Book-Love.

lyons: Oh, yes! I think @hoju ahas done a fabulous job this year, having finished One Life One Incarnation: Beautiful Bones and starting Together Forever.


asianbolt: I can’t disagree with that, though I’m a person who usually disagrees only for the sake of disagreeing. It’s so important for a translator to get what the original author wanted to convey right. And I think @hoju has done great by having reproduced the dreamy and surreal atmosphere that was created in the original novel by Mo Bao Fei Bao.

lyons: Well, good to you that you’ve started appreciating my choices.

asianbolt: I never said anything about your choice. I’m only stating a fact. And of course, there’s @Decembi, who’s given us the fantastic translation of Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost. She’s maintained the tension and the feels of the book so well!

lyons: Ooh, the feels! I loved it so much! Though I was shipping Ren Yu with Jin Mi, I don’t mind her ending with Phoenix either.

asianbolt: Yay! Phoenix-Jin Mi Shippers to the win *raises the glass of eggnog in triumph*

lyons: Yeah, yeah! What-EVER!

asianbolt: I think the book that’s currently making me feel like crying is Blazing Sunlight!

lyons: *wails* Gu Man, where are you! If you hear us, please get it out with the 2nd Volume too!

asianbolt: I think @Peaches is doing a great job not getting frustrated as she painstakingly translates the 1st book.

lyons: Strictly speaking, one chapter a month is not a bad outcome, yunno! Especially for a book that’s only half-finished.

asianbolt: Yes. And then there’s Best To Have Met You, which is such a wonderful and light novel to read. And it’s @Peaches at the helm of this translation again. This book is so incredibly sweet and heart-wrenching!

lyons: *wags her head eagerly* Can I please have Xu Mo Ting for myself?!

asianbolt: Agreed. But Zhousheng Chen belongs to me.

lyons: Eek! Who’s want a nerd?! Nerds are B.O.R.I.N.G!

asianbolt: *fans herself* Ahem! There are people in this world who haven’t blessed with enough brain cells in their head to distinguish between what’s cool and not. It’s general consensus that nerds are COOL and are genetically mutant to have been blessed with an astounding IQ.

lyons: ….. Did you even understand what you said?!

asianbolt: Oh yes!

lyons: Fine. Whatever!

asianbolt: The last I checked, @xiaoxiaomei has also completed Chaos of Beauty.


lyons: Really?

asianbolt: Yes. In fact, I finished reading the entire thing in one go. And by god do I love the book! I loved the intricacy of the plot so much. A truly well-written book! and @xiaoxiaomei shows great promise as a translator, as her Mulberry Song‘s a great piece of work, putting in the required amount of melancholy in it.

lyons: Oh well, it’s on my list, then. Though, nowadays, I find it difficult to take your words at the face value.

asianbolt: I’m always open to free advises, honey! You just follow it at your own risk!

lyons: Do you remember that short novel which we’d seen so long ago?!

asianbolt: Which one?

lyons: Singing Spring Melody! I just dropped in at BearBear’s and saw that it’s complete!

asianbolt: What’s WRONG with you, lyons?! Of course, I read it! In fact, I marathoned through the entire book as I had a binge-eating scheduled at that time. Oh, I do love our Heavenly Doctor, though I’m not that big a fan of Bao Chun’s naivety. But I think @Bearbear is a a pretty good translator because she takes so much of pain to get he translations right and have the correct explanation. I think it’s a great sign of passion!

lyons: Undoubtedly! And I love her blog, too! And @Bearbear, if you ever happen to come across this post, please let me inform you that I totally have NO probs in seeing a BL story in your blog!

asianbolt: Count me in.

lyons: You heard us, right?! Well, I’ll assume that you did!

asianbolt: I’m still waiting for Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang’s second volume, yunno!

lyons: Yeah, but unfortunate us! It’s been put on a hiatus. Which roughly translates into “Almost-been-dropped”, though, hopefully not.

asianbolt: And do you remember Our Second Master?!

lyons: There’s no friggin’ way I’m gonna forget that sweet and lovely book, which gave much-needed break from emotional heavy-weightedness of the other C-Novels. Kudos to @Decembi for having done a wonderful job all over again!

asianbolt: Speaking of emotions, Lost You Forever is still wringing my heart. Why is Tong Hua such a step-mother to all the characters that she creates?! The male leads are so busy trying to kill each other that I really wanted to call a time-out. Xiao Yao has been shedding tears like rain water, and Zhuan Xu has no other agenda than killing off all the people who might be a threat to his future with Xiao Yao.


lyons: I KNOW! Hats off to @ockoala for not dying of frustration and tension while translating!

asianbolt: Well, this year has also produced some major shocks!

lyons: Like the accusation of plagiarism against Tang Qi Gong Zhi for his Pillow Books.

asianbolt: Yeah. I mean, I totally wasn’t expecting THAT. The Pillow Books were both very awesome and I loved them so much. I know that @hamster428 must have been so heart-broken to have to let go of her hard work. But the decision she’s taken is very right. Regardless of everything, the Pillow Books are plagiarized, and had to be condemned. @hamster428, standing ovation to your courage and will-power for being able to take such a bold step.

lyons: Agreed. The year of 2015 has been great when it comes to the Ancient Sector. It’s the Modern Sector that’s been sort of disappointing. But, we’re expecting better goodies from the Modern guys the coming year aka 2016.

asianbolt: Yup. And we would also like to remember all the people who have been a part of this wonderful journey this year. We are thankful for your support in everything that we do, and your valuable feedback is something that we cherish.

We thank (names are in the order of the first to comment since the inception of this blog)
@windox123 (who, by the way, translates from Viet Sources and posts them in her awesome blog. I totally envy her lightning speed updating skills)
@skimmedmilkdrama (who has her own site and is doing a wonderful job with it!)
@inno (who’s on a hiatus, but her blog‘s totally worth checking out)
@cathdeary (who’s translating Filipino book that I’m, totally digging into)
@thedivinequeenofthenight (who’s a very dedicated feedback-provider and has a blog of her own, too!)
@valeriandeville (whose name I love)
@kuroikage741 (who has given me very valuable suggestions)

Without you all acting as our sounding board, we wouldn’t have made it till here, guys! Because at the end, the one applause that matters the most are that of your peers!

Thank you. Happy New Year! And take care of each other.

asianbolt and lyons. ❤



7 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2016!!!(And The C-Novels We Loved In 2015)

  1. I saw this and just wanted to drop by and tell you guys how sweet you were to mention my novel translation! I’m really glad you both enjoyed Singing Spring Melody and I’m sorry I haven’t been translating much. I do have the first 2 chapters of a BL/Yaoi story on my blog. But it won’t be finished for quite some time so read at your own peril. xD Thanks again for being such darlings!



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