New Book Alert: The Square

I don’t know what I’m thinking by agreeing to post the chapters of this new book. I mean, this has to be the most political as well outright dissenting book to be posted in the circle Chinese novel translation sites. China’s not used to dissent. At least history doesn’t record it that way. And that’s why when Huo Fangpan insisted that I use my small blog to deliver her powerful message of love, I decided that I’m doing this one good thing even if it may end up the last thing that I’ll ever do!

The Square is an anthology of three stories, each unique in its way, and yet united by one incident: The Tiananmen Square Protests of 1989. Spanning across three different decades and showcasing three different couples who fight for their right to live their lives the way they want to, The Square is a touching collection of wonderfully written and touchingly portrayed characters.

It is set in three different locations: Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. And features the fight for the basic right of Freedom of Speech and Democracy.

It’s a story of tears, bloodshed and a fight that tore people into two. It’s a celebration of dissent, life, and love. It’s a story that is inspiring millions of youngsters to fight for what belongs to them. It’s a story that has to be told and had to be heard.

The story of the Square that changed the world.



All the characters in this book are fictional and are the figment of the imagination of the author. Any resemblance to real life people is a coincidence.

Reading this book is a matter of choice for any individual. So it’s upto them to read it.

The characters are very wonderfully written by Fangpan and also the incidents are very realistic. Two of the stories are set in Tiananmen Square Protests and Hong Kong’s Umbrella Revolution. The third story is like the mirror to what small instances of injustice turn people to approach dissent as a form of protest.

And if people read carefully, we realise that Water plays a very important role in the progression of events.

And yeah, I would also like to warn that updates will be very irregular, so be prepared.

Finally, I would like to end it by saying that this is a story that really has to be heard.

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