Random Blabber: #Friends Forever

Oy, people! I’m back (albeit, temporarily). And I’m here with my good friend @chairmanlichi. She doesn’t do much of blogging on her own, and is into her own Facebook Page for Dumbledore. She’s the New Kid On The Block, now becoming an official part of our Asian Cult Family. And I formally name her my Consiglieri. Join us for a quick chat.


ab: Yo, dude! First of all, let me welcome you to this place!

cl: Oh, Pfft. ab, you suck at being civil. Let’s just get on with the courtesies and stick to the point.

ab: Readers, now do you see why I love her?! She just cuts my crap. In fact, she’s the only one who’s allowed to do so!

cl: And just for the record, we’re both very much straight. Thank you.

ab: Okay now, cl, please BEHAVE! We’re on my blog, for God’s sake!

cl: And I was under the impression that it’s ours now.

ab: Semantics. Now, now, both of us are busy with the SATs. What’s your take on this then?

cl: Exams suck. And SAT is no exception.

ab: And I express my wholehearted solidarity with you on this occasion. What would you do at this point of time, if not for SATs?

cl: Marathon Game of Thrones Season 6 with you. But what I found ironic is that you love watching the “Edited” and G-Rated Version of GOT.

ab: Can’t help it, dude! My eyes can take many things but not HD-Porn like that. I mean, watching Renly Baratheon and Loras Tyrell scarred my eyes. FOREVER.

cl: *rolls eyes* You are such a kid.

ab: Whatever. Well, please do properly introduce yourself to our Readers.

cl: Um, okay. People, I’m Chairmanlichi. Some of you may have found me too brazen. And that’s understandable. It’s a Universally acknowledged fact that I have poor people skills. But that’s probably because when I kid around, people usually consider it as an insult. While brevity isn’t on the best of terms with asianbolt, I have more of a frenemy relationship with it. Bottomline: Both of us don’t like to keep things short. So you have another rambler to put up with.

ab: *slow clap* I never knew one could be so braggy and self-deprecating at the same time!

cl:        QS_209fc61570b04b23837963ab4d58f2ca

ab: *surly* Knew that you would quote Harvey Specter. Why don’t you tell our readers who your favorite actor is?

cl: I think it’s a tie between Song Joong Ki and Lee Minho.

ab: I never understood why people tend to be so crazy about Lee Minho. He’s not that great-looking either!

cl: I don’t know. I just… like him.

ab: Your favorite author?

cl: They your favorite too: J.K.Rowling and Mo Bao Fei Bao.

ab: It’s for the benefit of our readers. You are too prickly, lichi. And I just want people to know how awesome you are, narcissism aside, and how fun you are to be around.

cl: You worry too much, Mother Hen. I can take care on my own. And I already love many of your regulars here. (Hello, @Yellow, @cathdeary and @mhryu)

ab: The question is whether they will love you, bae.

cl: Aww. You really like to watch my back, don’t you?

ab: That’s what #Friends are supposed to do! I think that’s got to be under the official description of Friends.

cl: Well, for your sake, and because I always fall in love with whatever I do (I’m an in-the-moment girl), I’ll really try hard to make this work.

ab: Well, I guess we’ve got to drink to a new beginning! Let the celebrations begin!

cl: *raises a glass of eggnog (though it isn’t Christmas)*

ab & cl: The Best Way To Sum Up Our Friendship:



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