When The Sun Goes Down: Introduction

Okay, we’ve officially decided to translate When The Sun Goes Down by Ming Yue. She’s a close friend of Xiao Li (author of The Lone Star In My Constellation). We tried summarizing the chapters but felt that the real essence of the book is getting diluted. Also, Ming Yue made some really interesting changes to the book. So, folks, we bring you, When The Sun Goes Down.



If two people are fated to be together, the entire Universe conspires to unite them.

Theirs is a bond that began in their past lives. A bond that brought them together without them realizing it. A bond that underlies the chronicles of war and struggle for Independence.

When Mu Lan first met Wang Tao, and fell in love with him, she didn’t realize it. By the time she knew herself, he’d disappeared. And that was when she’d known that everything she knew about him till then is a lie.

It wasn’t as if she hadn’t hidden anything from him either: she never told him anything of her nightmares. Or the reasons she even had them.

Given away to her aunt by her parents when she was just five years old, she grew up travelling around the world. And when her biological parents finally called her back home to China, little did she realize that her entire life is going to turn on its own axis.

Her birth parents seem like strangers, she has a biological sister who she’s never met and who’s already married with a child, a cousin who’s cold and ambitious, and receives a marriage proposal from one of the most powerful family in the country.

In her past life, she’d never been able to see the light of the sun. And the now, the rays seem too bright to her. As past and present merge and become one, as love and hatred get tangled up, as secrets don’t remain secrets anymore, where will the future lead them to?

Set in China and partly in the United States, the thrilling novel spans across two generations starkly different, and revisits the bloody era of the Sino-Japanese War.

red_string_of_fate_by_nile_can_too-d4m28g7 (1).jpg

About The Author:

Ming Yue is a Chinese-American part-time writer, who writes for the sake of fun. This is her first novel and she says that she will publish it if her heart urges her to. She’s graduated from Brown University with a degree in Philosophy and also has an MBA. Whenever she’s not toiling at her desk job, she spends time with her cat, Mr. Meow, enjoys a good dose of caffeine and types away on her typewriter.



Translating this book is going to be relatively enjoyable, because most of the chapters are written in English.

Also, there’s this depth to every character in the book that just makes them intriguing and realistic. Mu Lan may not be a lovable heroine, but she’s definitely relate-able. You kind of get where she comes from.

The reincarnation part is plainly wonderful. There’s this kind of beauty to the flashback that’s extraordinarily extraordinary. The detailing, the emotions, the situations: they’ve all been played just right in the book.

All that I can assure you is that this is a read you all will definitely enjoy.


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