Book Review: Good Morning, Miss Ghost by Ban Li Zhi

I LOVE BAN LI ZHI!!!!!! Okay, we’ll get to the review now. WARNING: *SPOILERS AHEAD*

CmQUNlYCWviEYKhDAAAAAH1_pv0167804584AUTHOR: Ban Li Zhi (Chestnut)
GENRE: Comedy, Supernatural, Romance
BOTTOMLINE: Amazeballs. Don’t miss this one.

It was only recently that I came out of self-imposed exile to catch up with the rest of the world. And in the process, I ended up reading a bunch of C-novels. But it was Good Morning, Miss Ghost, that I really loved. And I’ll tell you why. BUT. First, let’s get to the summary.

Before we begin, let me assure that this is definitely an HE book, like all of Chestnut’s Novels that I’ve read. So, don’t panic at the mention of “ghost” or think that this is about some bizarre haunted romance (well, technically not at least. I think.)

This is about Mo Zhen, a REALLY good-looking actor (I’m talking about ex-Brad Pitt type. Or rather like, Gregory Peck when he was young and alive) and his romance with the ghost of a young girl, who’s not really dead, which means that the ghost is not really a ghost and…. well, I will try to limit the number of spoilers that I’ll give you.

All you need to know is that, the male protagonist can see ghosts and that the MC comes to him and asks him to help her to find her real identity and name thinking that she’s dead. The thing is that both of them think that she’s dead at that point of time and for points of time in the future. Until Mo Zhen discovers that the ghost who he named Ah Yao and treats like a pet is actually the girl who his best friend is in love with and is currently in a coma due to an accident.

Cue, angst.

He helps her go back to her former body but she only hazily remembers the memories of the time her soul spent out of her body. And in the interim, he realizes that she was his one true love (actually, he kinda realizes that even before she goes back to her own body and… well, you get it) *feels*

So, that was the basic premise. Or it was as far as I remember, at least. Cramming too much of Inorganic Chem isn’t doing wonders to my memory space these days (I love Org Chem, you see.)

Now, let’s get to why I loved this book:

First of all, I’m a huge sucker for Character Descriptions like that of Mo Zhen’s. I mean, why isn’t there a guy like that in MY school?! *cries* The guys look like they walked off the sets of The Walking Dead or something.

And I straightaway loved Ah Yao. She’s such a sweetheart AND a scene-stealer. I love the OTP’s easy banter and chemistry. Just perfect.

In fact, even through the sweetness, you can’t help but feel a kind of sadness: that these interactions are separated by the curtain of life. But then, rest assured, because Ban Li Zhi has never written an SE Novel (at least, to my knowledge).

I think my favorite part of the story has to be their cohabitation. That was really LOL inducing. And *[SPOILER ALERT]* when he takes her abroad even in her ghost form *melts into puddle*.

This doesn’t sound like a Review anymore. Damn. It sounds more like I’m blabbering gibberish about how much I loved this book.

The characters are well-developed and their interactions are very natural. There’s not much space for the antagonist rather than being just a plot tool. I remember the antagonist to have appeared in barely a chapter. But I don’t mind that because this isn’t about anybody else other than the OTP.

I like Chestnut’s books because they’re such a no-nonsense ride. You’re given what you want. No questions asked.

And in this case we’re given plenty of REALLY AMAAAZING OTP moments. And @ab is one hell of a happy satisfied kitten.

For those of you who want to read the English Translated version, a fellow-hermit Xixi is translating it here.


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