“Baarish” English Translation and Lyrics

SONG: बारिश – Baarish (Rain)
MOVIE: Half Girlfriend [2017]
Singer: Ash King, Shashaa Tirupati.
STARRING: Shraddha Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor.

Baarish is a song from the upcoming Hindi film Half Girlfriend (2017), starring Shraddha Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor and is a coming-of-age romance between a vernacular Bihari Boy – Madhav Jha, who falls in love with an upper class “Delhi high-society” girl – Riya Somani. On the outside, the two of them have nothing in common, but love blossoms in the most unexpected way when Madhav starts to woo Riya. Lyrics are by Tanishq Bagchi and Arafat Mehmood, and this melodious track is belted out by Ash King and features the vocal powerhouse Shashaa Tirupati. In this song, the protagonist sings about his feelings for the girl he loves and about how everything in his world is now revolving around her. Baarish, in Hindi, means Rain.
Do take note of the wonderful effect created in this song by the use of the Indian Stringed Instrument – Santoor.


[00:28] Chehere Mein Tere Khudko Mein Dhoondoon
I try to find myself in your face
Aankhon Ke Darmiyaan
Through the curtains of my eyes
Tu Ab Hai Iss Tara
The feelings evoked by your presence are such that
Khwaabon Ko Hi Jagaa Naa Mile
There is no space left for imagination

[00:51] Ye Mausam Ki Baarish
The rain of this weather
Ye Baarish Ka Paani
The water of this rain
Ye Paani Ki Boonde Tujhe Hi Tho Doondhe
The droplets of this rain-water all try to find you

[01:02] Ye Milne Ki Khwaaish
The desire to become one with you
Ye Khwaaish Puraani
This desire has been there for long
Ho Puri Tujhi se meri ye kahani
You are the completion of my story
{End of Chorus}

[01:37] Kabhi Tujhme Uttru
Sometimes when I descend into you
Toh Saanson Se Guzrun
I breeze through my breaths
Toh Aaye Dil Ko Raahat
And my Heart feels peaceful
[01:48] Main Hoon Bethikana
I’m like a man without a shelter
Panaah Mujhko Paana
I want to seek refuge
Hai Tujhme… De Ijazat
With you… if you give me your permission

[01:59] Na Koi Darmiyaan
There is nothing to separate us now
Hum Dono Hai Yahaan
It’s only you and me here
Phir Kyun Hai Tu Bathaa Faasle
So what is there for us to hesitate?

[02:12] {Chorus: Ye Mausam Thi Baarish…… Meri Ye Kahaani}

[03:07] Hawaon Se Tera Pata Poochtha Hoon
I will ask the winds for your whereabouts
Ab Toh Aaja Tu Kahi Se
Please come to me from anywhere
Parindon Ki Tarah
Like the birds in the sky
Yeh Dil Hai Safar Mein
My heart is on a journey
Tu Mila De… Zindagi Se
You make it meet life

[03:28] Bas Itni Iltja
I have only one wish
Tu Aake Ik Dafa
It is for you to come to me once
Jo Dil Ne Na Kaha… Jaan Le…
And listen to all the unsaid words of my heart
[03:45] {Chorus: Ye Mausam Thi Baarish…… Meri Ye Kahaani}

T/N’s Note: BTW, this song’s been playing on Repeat in my iPod since the time I first heard it. Pretty Addicting, isn’t it?!


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