5 Mashups That You’ve Got To Listen RIGHT NOW!!!

The year 2017 is inundated with Mashups of all sorts. And, of course, there was good and bad in the flood. Here are my picks for the good ones (P.S. Don’t worry about so much of Conor Maynard. He’s here for a reason 😉 ): 

  1. Dusk Till Dawn [ZAYN ft. Sia] – Conor Maynard/ Madison Beer SINGOFF

    This one’s my favorite. It released only a few days ago and managed to capture my heart. It’s got most of my favorites in it, and Conor Maynard’s throaty voice makes my day ❤ 

  2. Every Song on The Chainsmokers Album in 3 Minutes – Rosendale ft. Sachi Holla 

    Nope. It hasn’t got Closer in it. But it’s still awesome! I have mixed feelings about Rosendale, but I love Sachi’s voice, clear and high. The lineup of the songs is amazing. And, I confess, I only heard Paris AFTER I heard this Mashup. It’s that good.

  3. Despacito [Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee] – Conor Maynard/Pixie Lott

    Conor Maynard strikes again. I love this one so bad *grins*. I don’t like the fare that Pixie dishes out usually, but this collab is golden. She’s playful and Conor’s enthusiasm is infectious, as they render one hit song after another over the groovy beats of Despacito. My only complaint is the end when Pixie sings Britney’s Oops! It sounded kinda off-key and made me go Oops!

  4. 2016 Mashup SINGOFF – Jack Donaldson/Raina Harter


    This one has hit songs over Beiber’s much-loved/much-hatedLet Me Love You (We don’t usually have middle ground when it comes to him). The attempt has an amateurish tint to it, but that’s okay! Because the end product makes you want to play it on repeat.

  5. Closer [The Chainsmokers]/ Kabira [Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani] – Vidya Vox ft. Casey Breves


    You may not know Kabira. But it’s a pretty cool song. It doesn’t matter even if you don’t know the language. Just listen to it. Trust me.

Well, that’s the list. If you’ve got any more Mashups that you liked, feel free to comment or to leave me an email! Now, go plug in your earplugs and lose yourself!



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