The Cult Leaders

We know that most of the times we come off as a totally crazy people. And that is the very reason why we decided to create a page for ourselves to explain why we’re nuts.

1. The Don: Asianbolt

Lu Xun: Lies written in ink cannot be erased by facts written in blood.

I’m Asianbolt. I’m just an ordinary blogger who wants to showcase the extraordinary Asian culture on my small blog.

And I’m the Godfather of this place (To get the gender right: Godmother).

I’m unapologetically political, though my preference can’t be cast into one mold: I’m a socialistic Conservative (at least, I think that’s the closest thing that can come to describe my inclination).

I’m a quintessential Couch Potato, a hopeless Drama Addict, and a C-Novel Fanatic.

My high school’s Official Geek/Nerd, I was crowned Miss All-Rounder upon graduation. And there’s a reason.

Right since I was a kid I went through a daily ritual of Classical singing, dancing and Western Piano. I’ve been writing Piano exams (Grade Examinations) for the Trinity College of Music, London, since I was a kid, and am almost done with completing all my grades. I’m a trained dancer of Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam. 

While I initially did hate going through so many classes, I slowly fell in love with all of these activities, and now can speak voraciously, if given a chance, on any of these topics.

I talk about Movies, Dramas, Music. And most of all Books, Books, Books. I love books. I love the smell of ink. I love talking and writing about them. I comment on Asian Politics (which admittedly is dirty), Sports, History and Society.

I love to have a talk on anything and everything. And I especially love it when people give me crazy ideas or when I conjure them up. Because if there’s one thing none of us can do, it’s ignore them.

While I’m pretty okay at understanding and reading quite a handful of languages, I wouldn’t brag of being a virtuoso at them. At the most, I’m modest when it comes to those languages, with English being the primary forte of my communication.

In my blog, I’ll be the way I want to and show the Asian world in a new light. At least, that’s what I want to achieve.

Lots of people think that Asia is uncivilized and poor. Well, while we are poor economically, we are gazillionaires when it comes to culture and heritage. For me, Asia is the cradle of civilization. This is where you can find Unity in Diversity. I find Asia to be the birthplace of culture itself.

So, follow me, Asianbolt, in this exciting journey of discovering the vast beauty of Asia and it’s people from the eyes of an ordinary teenage girl.


2. The Consiglieri: Chairmanlichi.

Dr. House: If her DNA was off by one point, she’d be a Dolphin.

I’m Chairmanlichi. Don’t ask me the origin of my name. I don’t know why it struck my mind that it would sound cool if I call myself that. But, some things happen to be beyond our control. So, that’s my name, whether you like it or not. And yeah, it so happens that I’m also the Consiglieri of this place, Italian for Adviser. It’s just Asianbolt’s love for The Godfather.

I don’t know what else to say except that I’m a seventeen year old blogger, who’s new at this. Whenever I’m not suffering at my school, I watch reruns of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, reread Harry Potter and relisten Rather Be by Clean Bandit.

I consider myself a secularist-right-winger (if there’s a Political affiliation like that). A little Conservative as well as Liberal (Count me as a person who’s confused whether she should vote for the Republicans or the Democrats, though I would vote for Trump over my dead body). 

Nerd, Bookworm, Couch Potato, Grammar Nazi, frenemy of Brevity: that’s what I am.

I’m extremely proud of my heritage, and I actively put in my lot to preserve it. I read a lot of stuff like Vedic Math and Arthashastra and I Ching and Analects and, well, a lot of things. And it’s my passion to simplify these ancient texts and pass them onto the future generations, while also making it clear how this knowledge can be applied to the present circumstances.

Knowledge is eternal. Man is not. But Knowledge can make Man Eternal.

I think I will do a few books, unpublished of course, because that’s the policy of this blog. But mostly, I’ll be concentrating on Science and Arts that originated in Asia: as that’s the department asianbolt wanted me to handle.

It gives me great pleasure to be working on this blog and to be ab’s sidekick, because she’s awesome that way. I consider myself to be Calvin to asianbolt’s Hobbes. Or a Rose to ab’s Jack? Well, that sounded gross. I think I’ll stick to being Calvin.

How’s that, for an introduction?!




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