Random Blabber: Second Leads Who Made Us Cry Buckets

tumblr_n9l6yri5Xf1qj7wgmo1_500I’m suffering from serious Second Lead syndrome ever since I started watching The Producers. Goddamn! Does every episode of that showr I sho have to be heart-wrenching and hopeful at the same time time?! I was SO confused on whetheuld ship Seung-chan with Ye-jin or Cindy. Okay, I’ll come back to my point! Well, the title of this post is literally literal, because I’m now going to type ahead about those Second Leads who really made me wish that they ended up with the guy/girl they loved…

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Eye Candy (Drama & Movie Recommendations): Office Romance

Note: I decided to start a segment called ‘Eye Candy’ to help you guys decide on what to watch, because it’s so tough to watch dramas of the genres you like!

SONG OF THE DAY— I Really Like You by Carly Ray Jepsen [Listen Here]

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Random Blabber: Cross-Dressing and Mistaken Sexuality Gimmicks

Song of the day: Born This Way — Lady Gaga [Listen Here]

Sitting back and wondering what to do on a lazy Saturday afternoon, I decided to watch some dramas and movies (Asian, of course!). It was then that I again came across some good old Cross-Dressing and Mistaken sexuality dramas and movies, which I still rate as my favourites for the comic relief which they provide.

In my eyes, for a Cross-Dressing drama to be flawless and a super-hit, it has to sort out two issues properly like an adult:

  1. Cause of the need for Cross-Dressing.
  2.  Possible Homosexuality.

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