Volleyballs, Parabolas, Science Fairs, Crazy, and I

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My New Obsession: Maglev Trains

After Morse Code Radios (which I managed to build, btw, though its functioning is slightly faulty. But, hey! Nobody is perfect!), I’m stanning Maglev Trains. #They’resocoolIwishIlivedinShanghaisoIcanliveinoneofthosebeastsforeverhappilyeverafter. And now I sound nuts (BTW that no space sentence was deliberate on my part so that you’ll understand the intensity of this latest obsession of mine).  Continue reading

Editors’ Picks: 2016 Chinese Novels Translations


Another year is ending, and we have SO many C-Novels to talk about, yet again. The 2015 Chinese Novel Translations Review done by me and @LucilleLyons had been really successful. So, this time, I’m back with @chairmanlichi to look back at 2016 (coz we have nothin’ better to do anyway. And there’s no place we’d rather be!)

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Happy New Year 2016!!!(And The C-Novels We Loved In 2015)

Yippee! It’s party time! ‘Cause we have successfully managed to see the end of an year in our blog! (Though, technically, we started out on 15th May, 2015). So, I and my good friend @LucilleLyons are going to start blabbering about what all we have discovered, loved and hated about 2015, with the focal point being C-Novels. Join us as we set out on a sort-of-nostalgic ride!

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Random Blabber: Second Leads Who Made Us Cry Buckets

tumblr_n9l6yri5Xf1qj7wgmo1_500I’m suffering from serious Second Lead syndrome ever since I started watching The Producers. Goddamn! Does every episode of that showr I sho have to be heart-wrenching and hopeful at the same time time?! I was SO confused on whetheuld ship Seung-chan with Ye-jin or Cindy. Okay, I’ll come back to my point! Well, the title of this post is literally literal, because I’m now going to type ahead about those Second Leads who really made me wish that they ended up with the guy/girl they loved…

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Random Blabber: The Second Lead Syndrome Phenomenon Gone Wrong


You know what is the most irritating characters in any drama or novel?!

Clingy second lead.

And that’s when you decide that you’re not going to get affected by the Second Lead Syndrome.

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