A Lifetime of Longing: Chapter: 3.1

Okay, the third chapter of ALOL is here. It’s kind of spooky and intimidating, all these rituals. And to watch our previously soft-spoken Xi Shi turn into a femme fatale is unnerving. But then one has to do all they can to survive….

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A Lifetime of Longing: Chapter 2

It’s been a long wait for those who fell in love with this book after the very first chapter. I acknowledge and am sorry about it. But here’s the next chapter, and it’s as good as any other! We finally get to meet the reclusive male lead. And also, more light is shed on Xi Shi, and a surprising one at that. The world of Xue Nong is thrown open to us, and what a world it is! With their rituals and ancient power. Questions are raised and the dead are buried. Reasons are examined and realizations are made in this new installment of A Lifetime of Longing.

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