Book Review: Marriage Concerto by Ban Li Zhi

Name: 结婚协奏曲 (恋爱这件小事) [Marriage Concerto {A Small Little Thing Called Love}]
Author: Ban Li Zhi/Chestnut
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Bottomline: Chestnut hits a home run yet again!!!

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Random Blabber: Paranormal Problems for the Normal (The Weird Relation of Korean Dramas with Rain and Power-cut )

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Eye Candy (Movie Recommendations): Indian Coming-of-age Films

Hmm, now that I sit back and think about it, there are Indian movies in the Coming-of-age genre. In fact, many of our current top actors and actresses have begun their careers (or at least, shot to fame) after acting in movies related to this genre. While some of these movies are very creative, thought-provoking and nostalgic, most of them are wooden. However, I compiled a list of such movies which were box-office hits and became cult movies. So, why wait? Let’s begin…
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