The Cult’s Directory

Okay! I knew that a Directory, or rather, a Navigator is required to wade through my Cult. That’s why I made this. Here, you’ll find the descriptions of all my Categories. So, hopefully, your experience in my Cult will be made more easier.

This category deals with the Political News and the Current Affairs from around Asia. I may not be loyally reporting every day, but if I find anything worth reporting, I’ll make it my business to do so. Don’t expect me to give unbiased news, because that’s the last thing I’ll do. However, my opinion will be written down after the whole article is done, so you can form your own opinion in that time. I’m yet to report any Sports news, but once I do that, I’ll create a category for that, so it’s a whole different matter. In Asian Affairs you are always welcome to give a faster update on any post of mine.

This category comprises of Indian Movies, Indian Celebrity News, thoughts related to that industry and so on. You might find me often commenting on this category because I’m an avid follower of Indian Movies. Bollywood is only second to Hollywood and the revenues it rakes in is also pretty high. The quality in the filmmaking is something none of us can dispute. Bottomline: I love Bollywood.

I’m woefully behind when it comes to C-Dramas, but I’m doing my best in catching up. It’s just that in recent times, I haven’t found a C-Drama that has managed to entice me, but I still comment with whatever little knowledge I have. So, if I make any mistake or if I’m a bit outdated, please bear with me.

This one is probably something everyone will like, because all of us, at some point of time or the other, will desperately need advise on what to watch. So, all that I do is choose a topic and write about all the dramas and movies which I watched on that topic. I won’t be providing links as to where to find them, because that’s upto you. But I’ll definitely mentions which ones, according to me, are worth watching and which ones are not.

Just like Chinese Dramas, I don’t watch much of Japanese Dramas, but I find them much more liberal when it comes to topics such as LGBTs and so on. I found some of them refreshing and few not so much. So, don’t expect much when it comes to this category. But I’ll still try my best to do justice here.

Now, now, who doesn’t love this category?! I mean, come on~ You’ll find me talking (er, typing) the most about this category than any other. I LOVE Korean Dramas because they changed my very perception of Asian Dramas. They’re refreshing, touching, funny, wonderful….. well, I guess you get it! I’m a HUGE fan of K-Dramas and funny enough, one of my handles is also named as ‘KDFANatic’. No pun intended.

Personally, I love this category more than any other category. I may not type the most about this, but even in my limited posts, I guess you’ll see how much I love this category. I’ve always been an avid reader (no, I’m not bragging), and I love reading anything as long as it has some content which I like. I find many blogs providing translations. But in my blog, I’ll be writing Book Reviews, or I’ll be commenting or posting my opinion on a random line or poem I read. I don’t have any strict protocol when it comes to this category and I’ll just do what I like. And of course, you’ll strictly find Asian books and literature only (though I may mention other continents’ works as well!)
Book Reviews:
Black Belly Boss, Don’t Run by The Mew From A Cat After A Lazy Nap
Da Mo Yao (Ballad of Desert) by Tong Hua
Fated Marriage by Big Grey Wolf With Wings 
Heavy Sweetness Ash Like Frost by Dian Xian
Just One Smile Is Very Alluring by Gu Man
Peach Passion by Angel
Really Really Miss You By Mo Bao Fei Bao
Union of Enemies by Xiao Yao Hong Chen

Before we get on with this category, I’ll have to take a short Biology class.
What are Ossicles?
They are the three small bones found in our ear called Malleus, Incus and Stapes. They vibrate in the ear to produce sound.
So, that’s the story behind the weird name of this category. I love music (who doesn’t?!). And for me, I have a few specific genres which I like to listen. That doesn’t mean that I limit myself because I love exploring new horizons and getting to know more kinds of music. It doesn’t matter to me what language it is, as long as it’s music. All along, I’ve been more inclined to Western music. But, after discovering new forms of Asian music such as K-POP, Mando-Pop, Indian Fusion etc. I’m back to my roots.
I’ll always be thankful to whoever will recommend me to listen to new songs, so if you’ve got ideas, please leave them in the comment box below.

Now, after having categorized my talks into so many different categories, I didn’t really know where to put the random thoughts which come into my mind. I come off mostly as a serious person in my other posts, but I still am a teenage girl who loves to dream crazy things and squee like any other person. So, this category is for me and my thoughts. You might find them interesting or controversial. But it doesn’t matter to me. These are my thoughts and this category is your window into them. Random Blabber will cover my chatter and opinions on dramas, Politics, Celebrities, Culture and other stuff which I want to talk about. And most of it will be in a lighter vein, so I hope that you’ll take it that way too!

I like watching Taiwanese Dramas, because they’re a bit similar to K-Dramas if you take out some cliches. My most favorite, so far, has got to be “Someone Like You”. Unfortunately, some of them are too lengthy, and it takes away the fun in the plot. But, I like it when T-Dramas are short and sweet. While some of the actors are wooden, I find the rest pretty good. I won’t talk much about this category, but occasionally you might find a post on it when I find something REALLY interesting.

The definition of what comes under this category is pretty loose, because whatever doesn’t fit in the other categories will end up here. Mainly, this category will be dominated by my To-Do Lists, Announcements, Call-To-Actions etc.

In The Godfather, when Michael Corleone saw Appolonia in Sicily, he was hit by the “Thunderbolt” aka love-at-first-sight. So, if I love a drama at first sight, it will come under this category. Basically, The Godfather is the reason behind the name of this category. You may almost never find me posting in this category because I simply don’t have that much patience. But when I like a drama, I’ll definitely post my impression on it. I tried my hand in recapping Who Are You School 2015, and found that I didn’t have the patience and perseverance required by a standard Recapper, so I gave up. I’m a person who knows my strengths and weaknesses so there was simply no point in continuing.  


Well, that pretty much sums it up. I might feel like adding a new Category, but that’s highly unlikely. But if it ever happens, you can always check this Directory for the reason it got added.

Yours in the name of The Asian Cult,
Cult Leader.


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